Global mobile security market to hit USD 1.6 billion by 2012

FIS to increase awareness on emerging mobile threats and related operational risks at 2nd Cyprus Open Hack Day

The world’s mobile security market is expected to reach a total value of USD 1.6 billion by the end of 2012, according to recent industry reports. The emerging popularity of smart mobile devices as a preferred business and personal tool has given rise to an accompanied increase in mobile threats thereby driving consumers to raise the demand for strategic, high-performing and reliable mobile security products and solutions to protect their data. Looking to stir in more awareness on the importance of mobile security, First Information Security (FIS), a company dedicated to offering a comprehensive range of security products and services that are in compliance with the latest international industry standard requirements, has announced its participation at the ‘2nd Cyprus Open Hack Day’ on November 28, 2012 at the European University Cyprus. During the event, the company will shed light on emerging mobile threats, their associated operational risks and how to avoid them.

The ‘2nd Cyprus Open Hack Day’ is being organized by the Cyprus Computer Society (CCS) and is expected to be attended by Mobile & Information Security Specialists, Telecommunications and Networks Services Vendors, Mobile Application Developers, ICT & Business Professionals, ICT students and young computer and mobile enthusiasts. The event is aimed at becoming a strategic platform to discuss important topics and issues like ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) company policies and its associated risks, myths and challenges. Focus will also be given to the ability of today’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) technologies to sustain the security of the mobile devices and protect company data. Leading online security expert and FIS VP for Advanced Infosec, Jorge Sebastiao, has been invited to talk on the topic ‘Mobile changes everything, no one is safe.’

“The emergence of smart mobile devices has afforded us the convenience of mobility and a multitude of things to do while on the go—be it away from our office or home. However, while we use these new gadgets to connect to the internet and act as a conduit to handle all of our important data, we must also realize the risks involved and understand the importance of installing mobile security solutions. Being able to take part at the ‘2nd Cyprus Open Hack Day’ will allow us to help participants identify threats and teach them what to do in a ‘what if’ scenario setting,” said Sebastiao.

Sebastiao has over 26 years of ICT experience covering information security, risk management, compliance, auditing, managed services, certification, business continuity and disaster recovery. He is credited with the creation of the process A5 of security–Assess, Architect, Apply, Administer and Awareness. Aside from Sebastiao, the event will also include presentations and lectures from Benjy Portnoy, Symantec (BYOD and Beyond – Protecting against emerging mobile threats with Symantec); Ceelen Pieter, KPMG (Mythbusting BYOD) and Andreas Lalos, Besecure (Security Threats and Countermeasures of BYOD initiative).