Potential.com Launches Hadafi in KSA A Free Women entrepreneurship program In partnership with Zain and Harvey Nichols KSA and Intel

Riyadh, KSA: Potential.com, a leading international business development company, has recently launched HADAFI, the new women entrepreneurship program in partnership with Zain KSA & Harvey Nichols KSA and Intel Corporation as the official Sponsors of this initiative. The program aims to empower Arab women starting in Saudi Arabia and extending next year to the entire Middle East and North Africa region.

Hadafi, a Massive Online Open Curricula (MOOC), a 4 month long free program aims to reach out to Women who would like to turn their passion into a business and support in enhancing their existing business skills through a series of weekly webinars; startup tools, exposure, prizes and financial support.

On the sidelines of its participation, Saleh Hasanain, Head of Brand Communication, Zain KSA, stressed the importance of supporting & empowering the youth in starting up their business, which is considered the most important act of social responsibility. Hasanain added, “Young people need to enhance their economic knowledge  & business skills which are essential in the entrepreneurial journey.”

“We have participated in this great initiative to help increase the knowledge among the target audience during the 4 months period and witness the initiation of new business, which will inspire women across KSA to play a significant role in the society.”

Patricia Ghawi, Marketing Directotr, Harvey Nichols Riyadh, a brand of Alfa International, Commented on behalf of HRH Princess Reema Al Saud, “We are extremely proud to be part of this wonderful initiative. Having had a consistent history of supporting women empowerment in Saudi Arabia, we believe it is our responsibility and our privilege as individuals or corporations to seek every opportunity to shape the future of our society whilst extending our knowledge, expertise and support all the way – We are confident that this program will be a success and are delighted to be part of it”.

Shadi Banna, Managing Partner of Potential, said: “We are very excited as we launch this program in Saudi Arabia to support Women in gaining essential business skills and knowledge. I would like to thank our generous partners Zain KSA and Harvey Nichols KSA that have enabled us to provide such a program for free. We believe that the region has huge untapped potential that is represented in Women who are not active yet in the economy and through this program we aim to empowering them to succeed in their career as entrepreneurs or employees.”

In addition to Zain and Harvey Nichols KSA, local and international organizations such as: Al Nahda Society, 3eesho, All World, Aramex, GloWork, Qotuf , have also joined the program.

For Registration and More info on the program please visit: hadafi.me

About Potential:

Potential.com is an innovative social enterprise that supports job creation by enhancing business skills of individuals helping them startup, expand their businesses or enhance their corporate career through pragmatic learning programs delivered in the form of Massive Online Open Courseware (MOOC)

Potential.com has pioneered the innovative Next Generation Performance framework for DEVELOPING STARS, whether Individual Entrepreneurs, Large Organizations or employees within businesses. Founded in 2005 with headquarters in Dubai and team locations across the world, Potential.com is supporting thousands of individuals and hundreds of companies to kick-start their businesses, improve their performance, boost sales, improve customer service performance, innovate, expand and develop their Next Generation Leaders.

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About Zain KSA:

Following a successful bid for the third mobile license in March 2007, Zain KSA commenced commercial operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in August 2008. Offering a wide array of advanced mobile voice and data services, and supported by a strong and appealing brand that has captured the heart and minds of the region, Zain KSA has established itself as a formidable operator covering over 90% of the Kingdom’s populated area with national roaming agreements for the remaining areas. Most recently, Zain began upgrading its predominantly HSPA+ network and is today offering 4G LTE hi-speed internet broadband services in major cities across the Kingdom. Zain KSA is listed on the Tadawul (stock ticker code: 7030).

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