​NDIGITEC​ ​in strategic partnership with Direct Influence


Alliance to promote synergies of both companies across UAE& Saudi Arabia

Dubai: NDIGITEC – the leading UAE-based innovative, media, creative production company, has announced a strategic partnership with Direct Influence Company – one of the top digital media solutions company based in Saudi Arabia focusing on customized solutions in Influencer Marketing, Social Media Enhancement and Brand Consultation.

As part of the strategic alliance, NDIGITEC will promote Direct Influence solutions across the UAE while Direct Influence will promote NDIGITECsolutions – mainly its 360 film and photography, CGI, AR and VR content as well as brand concepts and design across Saudi Arabia.

Through this allianceaimed at optimizing themarket leadership of both companies and improvingtheir efficiencies, NDIGITEC and Direct Influence will share resources and strengthen their positions as leading developers of influencer marketing, social media enhancement, campaign management, brand experiences as well as brand concepts, creative designs and digital printing solutions.

The partnership is a major step forward in the growth journey of NDIGITEC, which offers the entire value chain of prepress, premedia, digital printing, fabrication and online printing solutions for customers in over 25 countries. NDIGITEC has production facilities in Dubai, Riyadh and Yerevan.

Vatche Kavlakian, CEO of NDIGITEC, said: “NDIGITEC is a meeting point of technology and creativity. This partnership will reinforce our presence and competence in Saudi Arabia and across the wider Gulf countries.”

Adwa Aldakheel, CEO of Direct Influence, said: “Direct Influence will be promoting NDIGITEC solutions to brand owners and businesses in Saudi Arabia as we believe that NDIGITEC’s innovative brand experience and content will complement our service offerings perfectly in the UAE”.

NDIGITEC offers a wide array of brand experiences and digital production solutions; web development and interactive solutions; augmented reality / virtual reality and film production solutions; photography and talent services, prepress solutions, large and small format digital and 3D printing solutions; exhibition, digital signage and fabrication solutions, among others.


NDIGITEC [Namma Int’l Digitec FZ LLC], services the needs of the entire graphic arts industry, media, and brand owners with over 75services structured to meet the demands competently. With over 500 customers spread across 25 countries and with skilled teams working around the clock, it is well equipped to deliver on its promises to customers. Overall, NDIGITEC is a meeting point of technology and creativity.

About Direct Influence:

Direct Influence Company [DIC], based in Saudi Arabia, is a digital solutions company that focuses on Influencer Marketing, Campaign Management, Social Media Enhancement, and Brand Consultation via customizedsolutions that fits its clients’ needsuniquely.Direct Influence is a revolutionary marketing agency that partners with passionate influencers as a means of attracting a wide, targeted customer base and reach maximum exposure for brands. The DIC is comprised of a group of social influencers aiming to leave a positive impact by creating and promoting specialized events.