AQUAPLUS: 5 Benefits of Consuming Alkaline Water


Did you know that since most of our body is water-based, the pH level of your drinking water can have profound effects on your body chemistry, health and disease? While regular drinking water has a pH between 6.5 to 7.5, alkaline water has a pH greater than 8 and studies show that drinking the latter can be more beneficial due to its antioxidant properties to fight free radicals.

The first-of-its-kind BPA Free 5-gallon water, Aquaplus offers some of the best alkaline water in the region to ensure a balanced PH level within your body and prevent you from degenerative diseases. Here are five additional benefits to switch to an alkaline lifestyle with Aquaplus today: 

Boost’s immunity

Having a well-balanced PH can boost your immunity as alkaline water neutralises the toxic compounds present in your body and hence is more easily absorbed, allowing toxins and harmful substances to easily flush out from your system. Drinking alkaline water regularly can also improve the performance of your circulatory system as it alters the quality of blood so that more oxygen is carried to your vital organs. protecting the body from various illnesses. 

Prevents diseases 

Alkaline water is a powerful antioxidant with surplus electrons that can reduce the free radicals in your body which helps in getting rid of toxic wastes and excess acid from the body. All benefits of alkaline water work in tandem to make the immune system stronger in order to fight foreign pathogens and infections. 

Relieves acid reflux

Alkaline water can correct excess acidity in your tissues and relieve you of acid reflux, which affects people who eat cuisines that tend to be spicy.

Slows down aging

The antioxidants present in alkaline water can protect the body from the growth of cells that damage the free radicals, which could slow down the aging process alongside other benefits. 

Ultra-hydrating property

Aquaplus water undergoes a unique filteration process in which the water clusters are reduced in size, enabling them to hydrate your body more efficiently, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and doubly refreshed. This property is highly beneficial to people who love working out daily as their bodies require more water.

Step into an alkaline lifestyle and order your Aquaplus gallon online at Price of a 5-gallon bottle ranges between AED 8 and AED10.  Stay updated with the latest brand news via @myaquaplus.

About Aquaplus:

Aquaplus is the only water in the UAE that is packed in a 5 gallon Bisphenol A (BPA) Free Bottle. Aquaplus water undergoes a unique filtration process which gives it rejuvenating alkaline and ultra-hydrating properties. This entire process mimics the way water is processed in nature. Aquaplus water clusters are reduced in size, enabling them to hydrate your body more efficiently. The world is just beginning to understand the merits of an alkaline lifestyle.