Introducing Al-Futtaim IKEA’s BLÅVINGAD Collection


The BLÅVINGAD collection is designed to inspire interest about life under the ocean – a home to thousands of creatures. Packed to the brim with soft toys of kids’ favourite marine animals, aquatic textiles, submarine and fishing games, and dreamy lighting, this collection will spark play and curiosity about the ocean across two age groups, from tots to young teens (3-7 years-old and 8+).

Much like the ocean, a child’s imagination is an immersive place of wonder. So, what are you waiting for? Dive right in and discover for yourself!

It’s time to listen to the kids

The idea behind this collection is based on findings from the IKEA Kids’ Advisory Panel 2020. Here, we learned that children are very concerned about pollution in the ocean, and the health and safety of marine animals. Kids between 4-14 years-old told us that they worry that their favourite ocean creatures like dolphins and whales are getting ill from eating plastic, which may bring about their premature extinction. Children want adults to listen to their fears because caring about the ocean is vital for the planet.

Because play is learning for life

The BLÅVINGAD collection fits into a broader IKEA belief where we understand play as essential for a better everyday life at home. Through play, adults and children alike learn to connect, create, recharge, escape and explore. For kids, play is crucial for their development and growth. It’s how little ones learn to express themselves and to discover the world.

At the heart of our beliefs, is the idea that young voices deserve to be heard. We hope that the BLÅVINGAD collection empowers children in their efforts to raise consciousness about the ocean, and that it inspires further learning about the marine world and all the wonderful creatures who live there.

A small but significant step

The message behind BLÅVINGAD comes to life through the products that

take small but significant steps to be more sustainable. From soft toy and cushion fillings, rugs and storage, a number of the products contain recycled polyester made from ocean- bound plastic (OBP) picked up from areas up to 50 km inland from our coastlines.