“My world, my home” an online art exhibition celebrating young minds


46 young artists are participating at “my world, my home” an art exhibition going online on 23rd of October on Selfie TV

Dubai: My world, my home is curated by Dubai based artist and educator Kim Oberoi. The show aims to offer a platform to young artists aged from 3yrs to 16 yrs of age an opportunity to exhibit their works to an international audience. There are 45 artists participating in this show and their works will be available from the 23rd of October on Selfie TV. The theme of the show urges young minds to define their own meaning of home. 

Kim Oberoi – Curator of the show explains “ The show aims to highlight the immense talent of young artists and how they view their current reality, with so much that’s changed in the past few years, I feel children need a platform to express themselves and therefore curating this show has been a very rewarding experience for me, I have gotten to learn and appreciate how young minds think. This process has encouraged the artists to think, create and share their thoughts on a canvas.”

 “We are very happy to share the stunning creations on our platform, the artworks that have been coming in are extremely personal and express a beautiful narrative of what home means to these artists, the exhibition will be live on our channel from 23rd of October onwards ” adds Sahar Mahmud – Founder of Selfie TV

My world, my home, is an initiative of Kim Oberoi Studios in partnership with w2w Events & PR, Whiterose Creatives & Selfie TV, the show offers inspiration and an insight to the young creative minds that are the future generation of artisans and change makers of our world.

Exhibition: My world, my home

Date: 23rd October 2021

Channel: www.selfietv.co

Curator: Kim Oberoi

46 Participating artists: Nathanael laurent Van Den Hende, Amira Alexi Velasco, Joshua Amani, Advay Rao, Maryam Abbasi, Filip Forgrave, Ariana Tavana, Josephine Michele Tausend, Myra Jain, Ameera Hamza Sheikh, Mayukha Chalasani, Iacopi (Joss) Thomas Aliberti, Ayaan Imran Manasawala, Lola Lotte Pannier, Zahabiya Kachwala, Miqdad Kachwala, Yasmina Abboud, Raazia Hasan, Zunairah Bhatty, Ammar Bhatty, Alisa Avrushchenko, Uliana Avrushchenko, Mustafa Abbasi, Khadijah Abbasi, Zidan Nasser, Tara Kaur Siali, Alice Cotte, Omaansh Mahindra, Charlotte Marida Geierhos, Ibrahim Katanbaf, Sophia Kaur Dosanjh, Audrey, Emily Lucinda Wareing, Alexia Naessens, Amora Katkar, Layan Mahmoud Ammar, Joylyn Qiaoling Pan, Aleena Dhawan, Alina Wiedemeyer, Liya Amina Latif, Advay Kuber, Meher Lalvani, Aneeqa kalandoor, Egor Gorbachev, Ivana Kapil and Anvika Srivasta.