Partner Events 2016

The 1st Resilience& Middle East Business Transformation Conference, 15th of December 2016 – Kuwait

Resilience&, as a recognized transformation specialist, is organizing its First Middle East Business Transformation Conference, on 15th of December 2016, choosing Kuwait as the regional capital of Business Transformation 2016.

This exceptional, first-of its kind executives gathering on Business Transformation in the Middle East represents a well-rounded platform of knowledge and experience, where the regional transformation leaders discuss various transformation best practices and inspiring models, with the shared goal to empower the organizations and communities. Across four main themes, the conference covers different aspects of HR Transformation, Digital Transformation, PMO Transformation and Business Process Transformation.

With 100+ participants from 10+ industries, the Conference represents a unique opportunity for networking with strategic organizations and getting inspired by the successful transformation cases, gaining consolidated experience in transformation through coaching sessions and inspiring executives’ roundtables. One of the highlights of the Conference are the Transformation Awards, where nominated organizations are assessed based on the Global Transformation Index.

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The Performance Improvement and KPIs Conference, 17th & 20th October 2016 – Dubai, UAE


Recent pressing financial matters have made it mandatory for companies throughout the GCC to search for solutions, in the form of integrated performance management systems, that can sustain a healthy business development, ensuring increased quality and high productivity levels.

The Performance Improvement and KPIs Conference is the first event in the Middle East to focus exclusively on Managing Performance in 3 separate industries: in Government, in Healthcare and in Performance Excellence.

Join the exclusive Performance Improvement and KPIs Conference this October, in luxurious Dubai, to find the professional solutions for productivity, quality and innovation performance.

Hot Topics for Performance Specialists

Bringing together some of the most prominent performance management professionals, from the GCC and worldwide, the hot topics for performance professionals include:

  • Boosting effectiveness and building a performance culture that enables strategy implementation
  • Using software simulators to access working business models
  • Nurturing organizational success with performance excellence frameworks
  • Key Performance Indicators as support systems for continuous growth and improvement
  • Developing Performance Management Systems: practical workshops on building performance cultures, working with KPIs and architecting

Organized by: The KPI Institute

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National Treasure 2016, 27 & 28 September, 2016 – Dubai, UAE


National Treasure 2016 is the year’s most anticipated gathering of the most influential and visionary leaders shaping the future of UAE.

The event will be hosted from 27-28 September 2016 in Dubai, Jumeirah Beach Hotel, bringing together region’s most pragmatic leaders and visionaries to share their tried and tested insights into making dreams a reality.

The National Treasure Initiative – A truly remarkable experience to connect your imagination by exploring how these speakers made every day count. We want to inspire the youth and build longlasting legacy of leaders and ideas.


The goal of National Treasure Initiative is to shift the focus from idea generation to idea execution. We have assembled region’s most pragmatic leaders and visionaries to share their tried and tested insights into making dreams a reality.

What makes this event remarkable? 

Helping youths get a grip of the world that await them, through pioneering insights on how to lead successful lives in the field of education, arts, science, innovation, business..

Our Goal is to make them future leaders.


Inviting all Universities, SMEs, Start Ups, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Investment advisors, Policy makers, Government, CXO’s, Social Enterprises and anyone looking for road tested insights into making your ideas a reality…

Organized by: Knowledge Expansion

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MOBILE ENTERPRISE WORKSHOPS, 22nd & 23rd February 2016 – Dubai, UAE

mid-east-info-300x200MOBILE ENTERPRISE WORKSHOPS bring together regional and international IT experts to focus intensely on YOUR enterprise mobility needs and desires, as the increasingly mobile regional workforce exploits the new technology.

Inevitably, there are issues. Inevitably, mistakes will be made.

But how best to meet the challenges, keep errors and expense to a minimum and set up the best bodyguard systems available to protect your lifeblood – your data?

The Dubai 2016 MOBILE ENTERPRISE WORKSHOPS will be delivered by leading international experts – specialists who regularly prepare businesses for success through dynamic and practical recommendations on how to effectively harness The Mobile Environment.

Organized by: TMC

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