Saudi Ministry of Health and GE HealthCare collaborate to advance breast cancer diagnosis and care


‘One Stop Breast Plus Diagnostic Pathway program’ to provide better outcomes and optimized care for women with breast cancer in Saudi Arabia.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: The Ministry of Health (MoH) in Saudi Arabia and GE HealthCare, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to launch a transformative healthcare initiative aimed at improving breast cancer diagnosis and enhancing access to care in the Kingdom. The collaboration represents a crucial step forward in contributing to better outcomes and optimized care for women.

Under the MoU, both parties have committed to a 90-day collaboration agreement to co-design the ‘One Stop Breast Plus Diagnostic Pathway program to address the pressing concern of the increasing number of women in the Kingdom being diagnosed with late-stage breast cancer. More than 50% of breast cancer cases in the Kingdom are detected at a late stage, compared to 20% in developed countries.

The MoU, signed at the 2023 Global Health in Riyadh, aligns with Saudi Vision 2030’s new model of care that focuses on prevention and health awareness, and can enhance the experience of Saudi women across the breast care pathway by reducing the time intervals to render diagnoses and improving the patient experience overall. Through a focus on timely interventions, the ‘One Stop Breast Plus Diagnostic Pathway program’ can also help reduce the number of patients requiring critical clinical attention and set more women on the path to recovery. 

Dr. Nawfal Abdallah Aljerian, Chief Executive Officer of Medical Referrals Center & Leading Model of Care Program at Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia, said: “In alignment with the visionary goals of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, the Ministry of Health presents ‘One Stop Breast Plus Diagnostic Pathway program’ ’in collaboration with GE HealthCare, focusing on the crucial significance of early detection in combating breast cancer. As our nation strives for a thriving society, we recognize that empowering women with knowledge and ensuring their well-being lies at the heart of our progress. Through this dynamic partnership, we aim to create a future where every woman has access to high-quality breast cancer screening and early intervention, fostering a society of health, resilience, and hope.”

Mohammad El Khoury, Regional General Manager Saudi Arabia, GE HealthCare, said: “Breast cancer remains a significant global health concern and is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Saudi Arabia. With the increased breast cancer incidence in the Kingdom, early detection through effective screening strategies and timely diagnosis are critical to alleviate the burden of the disease. In line with our commitment to advance healthcare delivery in Saudi Arabia, we are proud to support the Ministry of Health in delivering a more streamlined and effective approach to breast cancer diagnosis that best addresses the needs of patients and their caregivers. Leveraging innovation and technology and through a multidisciplinary team, the One Stop Breast Plus Diagnostic Pathway program is a vital initiative that can provide high-quality care and boost health outcomes for women with breast cancer in the Kingdom.”

Through their collaboration on the One Stop Breast Plus Diagnostic Pathway program, the Ministry of Health and GE HealthCare will identify the critical components for its successful implementation including building up capabilities and developing the required infrastructure. 

The two entities will work together to Identify the right facility that could serve as the potential pilot for breast cancer pathway optimization in the Kingdom.  Prior to the roll-out of the One Stop Breast Plus solution, the Ministry of Health and GE HealthCare will design actionable strategies for its efficient implementation including identifying the scope of work, number and locations of facilities, timelines for implementation, and program funding, amongst others.

The One Stop Breast Plus Diagnostic Pathway program builds on the shared vision of both GE HealthCare and Ministry of Health to advance the Kingdom’s healthcare landscape and empower more women to be proactive about their health. 

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