The College of Business and Economics at the ‎United Arab Emirates University inaugurates the ‎‎”Executive Education Program” 2021


Abu Dhabi: Under the patronage of H. E. Zaki Anwar ‎Nusseibeh – Cultural Advisor to H. H. the President ‎of the UAE and Chancellor of the United Arab ‎Emirates University, the College of Business and ‎Economics has inaugurated “Executive Education ‎Programs” 2021, from Abu Dhabi, in the presence of ‎H. E. Mohammed Al Fahim – Chairman of the ‎College Advisory Council – Al Fahim Group.  In ‎addition to a number of senior executives in ‎industry and government. Prof. Ahmed Murad – ‎Acting Associate Provost for Research, Prof. ‎Rehab Khalifa – Acting Dean of the College of ‎Business and Economics, Mr. Johan Berger – ‎Director of Business Development at the College of ‎Business and Economics “Executive Program”, and ‎the presence of a number of the university officials ‎and academics, at the St. Regis Abu Dhabi‏.‏

In the speech of H. E. Zaki Anwar Nusseibeh – ‎Chancellor of the UAEU delivered on his behalf by ‎Prof. Ahmed Murad – Acting Associate Provost for ‎Research, he said, The inauguration of a new ‎Executive Education Program at UAEU is an ‎occasion to be celebrated for its significance in ‎three domains: ‎

The importance of lifelong learning and ‎professional development to the career readiness of ‎leaders in the professions, in government, and in ‎industry, business and commerce.‎

The importance to the professions, government, ‎and industry, business, and commerce of having ‎leaders with future-ready skills and knowledge.‎

The challenges of that future, given the intensity ‎and speed of changes to business and industry ‎that are brought by scientific invention, ‎technological innovation, and the global ‎interconnectedness of all levels of society and ‎economy.‎

The Chancellor indicated in his speech the role of ‎the wise leadership of the UAE and its keenness on ‎related matters that would guide development in the ‎United Arab Emirates over the next 50 years, as part ‎of its Centennial Vision 2071, by preserving the ‎future direction and smart management. Working to ‎advance human capabilities, productive work, and ‎achieving economic sustainability through ‎diversity and investment. In addition to enhancing ‎social cohesion and social well-being. He ‎emphasized that these challenges require the ‎development of leadership skills at all levels and in ‎all sectors‏.‏

Mr. Johan Berger -Business Development Manager ‎for Executive Education at the College explained ‎that the scientific approach to executive education ‎and its various requirements and paths are capable ‎of promoting and developing business leaders in ‎the UAE and preparing a group of talented ‎managers in all administrative disciplines. ‎

The College of Business and Economics at the ‎United Arab Emirates University adopted at the ‎institutional level the reinvention and simplification ‎of lifelong learning as a primary priority in its ‎strategy, and therefore inaugurating the executive ‎education program in the college is an integral part ‎of the university’s strategy.‎