The new 2024 Changan CS95: A perfect 7-seater SUV for adventures


 Union Motors, the exclusive distributor of Changan in the UAE, is proud to introduce the highly anticipated Changan CS95, the perfect 7-seater SUV designed for the family. Combining spaciousness, comfort, and luxury features, the new CS95, with its enhanced performance, takes SUV driving to new heights.

Under the hood, the 2024 CS95 boasts the most powerful engine in its class, the Bluecore 2.0 T engine, delivering an impressive 233 HP and 390 Nm of torque. This power propels the driver to the next level of SUV driving comfort, providing an exhilarating experience on the road.

The exterior design of the 2024 CS95 has been enhanced to captivate the attention of onlookers. With lights, wheels, side skirts, and a daring giant shiny grille, the CS95 exudes confidence and style. The new two-tone paint scheme, featuring a black roof and a white C-pillar, adds a touch of elegance to its already striking presence.

Passenger Space: The CS95 offers the largest body size in its segment, providing exceptional seating space in the front and rear rows. The third-row seats are equally comfortable, ensuring all passengers enjoy a relaxed and enjoyable journey. The multi-angle adjusting seatbacks in the second row and individual air conditioning vents in the third row further enhance passenger comfort.

Sound Insulation: The CS95 continues the tradition of excellent noise control found in previous models. The advanced technology in the CS95 ensures exceptional sound insulation, creating a serene and peaceful cabin environment.

Hi-Tech Driving Assistance System: The 2024 CS95 is equipped with an advanced driving assistance system that takes safety and convenience to new heights. The integrated Adaptive Cruise Control system (iACC) offers features such as single-lane automatic assistance driving, traffic congestion assist, automatic deceleration while cornering, and tunnel/ramp pre-deceleration, among others. Precise sensor identification keeps the vehicle on the lane and in the center of the road, making driving in city roads, and highways a breeze.

Power & Drive: With a maximum power of 233 HP and a torque of 390N·m, the CS95 boasts the most powerful engine in its class. Paired with Aisin’s high-performance 8-speed automatic transmission, it delivers impressive acceleration capability. The CS95’s cornering control perfectly balances comfort and a thrilling driving experience.

Infotainment: The 2024 CS95 is equipped with a high-tech smart car interconnect system that seamlessly integrates navigation, voice control, entertainment, security, and remote car control. The new intelligent interactive system responds accurately to voice commands, and its scene recognition capabilities ensure it understands the driver’s intentions. Additionally, the CS95 comes with impressive fittings, including a panoramic sunroof, Multifunction steering wheel, a 12.3-inch touch screen, 10 speakers, and 3 zone climate control A/C.

“We are thrilled to introduce the 2024 Changan CS95 to the roads of the UAE. This remarkable SUV is set to revolutionize the automotive landscape with its unmatched combination of spaciousness, luxury features, and powerful performance. With its advanced technology and stylish design, the CS95 is poised to redefine the driving experience for our customers, setting new standards of excellence,” said Shabnam Zamani, Marketing Manager. 

About Changan:

Changan’s roots trace back over 160 years as one of the world’s fastest-growing automotive brands. “Long-lasting safety” reflects the spirit and meaning of the word Changan. Headquartered in China, the brand demonstrates the company’s unwavering commitment to building a world-class automotive enterprise creating value for consumers worldwide since the 1950s.

More than just a car, Changan products incorporate the latest safety, technology, design, and fashion from Europe, Asia, and North America. In its constant quest for excellence and development and to keep pace with the evolution in the automotive industry, Changan has state-of-the-art research and development centers (R&D) worldwide, including the United States, Britain, Japan, and Italy, in addition to its main center in China.

Truly a global brand, Changan continues to blaze new trails as China’s Number One Petrol Engine Vehicle Manufacturer in pursuing market leadership. Already a leader among its domestic peers, Changan remains on a steady course to enter the ranks of the top 10 automotive brands within 5 years alongside its Japanese, European and American peers. With a bright future ahead, Changan will continue to reshape the auto industry providing innovative and exciting products for consumers worldwide.

About Union Motors:

Union Motors was established in 2013, a fast-growing UAE family investment group. Union Motors is the sole exclusive distributor of CHANGAN in the UAE. Union Motors offers a 7-star customer experience across all its brands incorporating innovation and modern technology as part of its all services. Union Motors operates in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Ras Al Khaimah offering Auto Sales, Service and parts facilities. The company is synonymous with a customer-centric environment and world-class service and modern experience for our customers.