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The United Arab Emirates University participates ‎in the 4th Aqdar World Summit

Under the slogan “Positive Global Citizenship – ‎Empowerment of Sustainable Investment ‎Opportunities‏”‏

Al Ain: the slogan “Positive Global Citizenship – ‎Empowerment of Sustainable Investment ‎Opportunities”, the United Arab Emirates ‎University (UAEU) participates in the activities of ‎the 4th “Aqdar World Summit”, which will be held ‎from 24-30 October 2021, in conjunction with the ‎launch of the global event “Expo 2020 Dubai”.‎

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences – ‎UAEU participates in this summit to present several research and projects for faculty ‎members and students, to highlight the UAEU ‎efforts and roles in overcoming Corona pandemic, ‎taking precautionary measures, and promoting ‎positive citizenship and human brotherhood. The ‎research and studies address global positive ‎citizenship in dealing with crises and disasters ‎‎(Corona pandemic as a model), the role of positive ‎citizenship in humanitarian work, cognitive and ‎digital empowerment in promoting global positive ‎citizenship. In addition, the national and ‎international private companies’ role in promoting ‎sustainable investment opportunities, and the ‎national and international institutions’ role in ‎promoting the positive citizenship, and modern ‎science implications for global positive citizenship ‎concepts‏.‏

Dr. Osman Antwi-Boateng, Associate Professor of ‎Political Science and International Relations – ‎Department of Government and Society – College ‎of Humanities and Social Sciences, explained, ‎‎”This participation in this important global event ‎comes to present a number of research and studies ‎related to the diplomacy and soft power. He ‎presented a paper on “The Emergence of the ‎UAE” as a Global Soft Power: Current Strategies ‎and Future Challenges, in which he discusses the ‎term and definition of soft power and how to ‎activate soft power, using scientific indicators and ‎measures related to civilization, digitization, ‎government, and global participation to measure ‎the soft power of the UAE‏.‏

The student and researcher Mohammed Al ‎Nuaimi –a student and researcher in the ‎Department of Government and Society discusses ‎in an introductory presentation “UAE Humanity ‎in COVID-19”, the humanitarian role of the ‎United Arab Emirates in addressing the Corona-‎Covid 19 pandemic at the global level. Also, ‎Shamma Al Mansoori – a student in the ‎Department of Sociology participates through a ‎survey on “The importance of the elderly in ‎Emirati youth view,”.  The study aims to address ‎the social changes that occur to the elderly from ‎the point of view of the Emirati youth. The study ‎includes young people from the UAE in the age ‎group of 18-25, of both sexes, and concludes ‎important results about the fact that UAE youth ‎view the elderly positively regardless of the changes ‎surrounding society at the level of extended and ‎small families. The study also shows us some ‎indicators associated with this effect in terms of ‎place (city or village) and the level of per capita ‎income, and that the extended family receives more ‎attention and care for the elderly than the other ‎group. Finally, it concludes that the UAE youth ‎have a greater interest in preserving inherited ‎values and traditions in a way that enhances ‎positive citizenship.‎

Dr. Tatiana Karabchuk, Associate Professor – ‎Department of Government and Society, explained ‎that “there are many research, studies and ‎models that promote the values of tolerance and ‎positive cooperation in the summit that will be ‎presented by students and faculty members ‎participating in this summit. The student Latifa Al ‎Kaabi – Department of Sociology will participate in ‎the “Positive Global Citizenship”‎

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