UAE Food Bank and Al Ihsan Charity Association sign cooperation agreement to support philanthropy and enhance social responsibility


The UAE Food Bank, which falls under the umbrella of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives Foundation, signed a cooperation agreement with Al Ihsan Charity Association to achieve their shared strategic goals, establish frameworks of cooperation in charitable work, and support the UAE’s mission to serve the needy.

The agreement was signed between His Excellency Sheikh Rashid bin Mohammed bin Ali bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, Director General of Al Ihsan Charity Association, and His Excellency Dawoud Al Hajri, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the UAE Food Bank. Under the cooperation agreement, both parties strive to effectively manage excess food in a planned, safe, and sustainable manner, as well as ensure that the food is prevented from going to waste or being destructed in order to serve the deserving members of the society both within and beyond the UAE.

The agreement further calls for establishing robust partnerships with food and hospitality organizations to consolidate the principles of social responsibility as well as advancing volunteering activities with the UAE Food Bank at any stage, including collecting, storing, or distributing meals to individuals living in food poverty. Furthermore, both sides will also support the initiatives launched by the Al Ihsan Charity Association, broaden the pool of beneficiaries, and advance humanitarian activities in the country.

His Excellency Sheikh Rashid bin Mohammed Al Nuaimi said: “We are pleased to sign this cooperation agreement with the UAE Food Bank, which comes in line with our commitment to fostering and supporting various charitable and humanitarian activities in the UAE, to serve deserving vulnerable groups. Additionally, it also comes as part of our mission to support the UAE’s ambitious vision to stand with the needy and provide relief to those in need.”

He added: “The agreement is part of a noble purpose to foster humanitarian activities in Dubai and Ajman. It serves as a pillar of goodwill and generosity that promotes strong community cohesion, strives to prevent food waste, and directs resources to the benefit of the needy.”

His Excellency Dawoud Al Hajri said: “Our partnership with Al Ihsan Charitable Association is slated to open new channels of communication, which will advance social responsibility and strengthen cooperation in preserving food and minimizing food waste and destruction. The agreement will also support the continued growth of the bank’s activities and its role as an intermediary between sources of surplus food and charitable associations and institutions. Through this agreement, we further seek to foster humanitarian and volunteer work in society, forge strategic alliances with food establishments, manage surplus food, and ensure its distribution and delivery to deserving groups. This is in accordance with the objectives of the UAE in achieve food security, improved nutrition, and environmental sustainability.”

The UAE Food bank is committed to serving as an intermediary that places major focus on collecting excess food from various vendors that the bank has previously signed cooperation agreements with. Under the agreement, the bank will work together with the Al Ihsan Charity Association to conduct periodic visits to track the working mechanisms, guarantee that food security and safety procedures are followed, as well as communicate with the authorized charitable societies to distribute surplus food quantities to the needy.

Additionally, the bank will assist in providing volunteers for food packaging operations if necessary. It will also provide training for the Al Ihsan Charity Association’s health supervisors through the bank’s specialists and offer periodic reports that detail information regarding the number of food meals received.

Al Ihsan Charitable Association will further provide assistance in gathering surplus food that is consumable from the bank in line with the agreed-upon work mechanisms and implementation plan. Following this, they will transport the food in accordance with the requirements and standards for food health and safety approved by Dubai Municipality until they are delivered to the pool of beneficiaries both within and outside of the country. Additionally, a trained and certified health supervisor will be appointed by the Al Ihsan Charitable Association to permanently oversee all food handling and safety procedures and instruct staff members in the fundamentals of food safety.