UAEU Emirates Centre for Mobility Research develops ‎projects that achieve a “safe transportation system”

Dr. Hamad Abdullah Al Jasmi, Director of the ‎Emirates Centre for Mobility Research

Al Ain, United Arab Emirates: The Emirates Centre for Mobility Research at the ‎United Arab Emirates University conducts ‎research projects in cooperation with various ‎government agencies to serve the UAE strategic ‎objectives and address the most important ‎contemporary issues related to safe mobility, ‎such as “the development of Abu Dhabi’s Vision ‎Zero Strategy project to eliminate traffic fatalities ‎and severe injuries by 2040” in cooperation with ‎the Integrated Transport Centre in Abu Dhabi; ‎‎“mathematical modelling of COVID-19 spread ‎dynamics in Abu Dhabi” in cooperation with the ‎Abu Dhabi Department of Health; and “the ‎development of agent-based simulation models ‎for the assessment of COVID-19 infectiousness ‎and crowd management at Hajj and Umra seasons” ‎in cooperation with Umm Al-Qura University and ‎the Ministry of Education in the Kingdom of ‎Saudi Arabia‏.‏

Dr. Hamad Abdullah Al Jasmi, Director of the ‎Emirates Centre for Mobility Research, said: Our ‎mission in this center is to achieve a safe, ‎efficient, integrated, and environment friendly ‎transportation eco-system by facilitating inter-‎disciplinary research, enabling inter-play of ‎technologies, boosting disruptive ideas, bridging ‎inter-stakeholder relationships, and disseminating ‎state-of-the-art knowledge.‎

He added that the center is currently conducting ‎projects related to road engineering and ‎infrastructure in cooperation with the Ministry of ‎Energy and Infrastructure, represented in the ‎‎“developing a decision support methodology for ‎intelligent scheduling for road maintenance using ‎machine learning and Bayesian network”, and “the ‎behavior of self-healing concrete in corrosion -‎induced environment”, “behavior of non-‎metallic basalt fiber reinforced recycled ‎aggregates concrete”, and “development of ‎automatic identification algorithms for road ‎cracks using convolution neural network models‏”.‏

The Emirates Center for Mobility Research, formerly known ‎as the Roads, Transport and Traffic Safety Research Center ‎‎(RTTSRC), was established at the United Arab Emirates ‎University in June 2004 with the aim of enhancing the ‎university’s role in serving the country’s development goals ‎in the fields of transportation, road engineering and traffic ‎safety. It is the first research center established at the UAE ‎University and has implemented 22 internally funded ‎projects and more than 40 externally funded projects since ‎its inception‏.‏

The center constitutes of five research groups: ‎Safe Mobility, Efficient Infrastructure, Connected ‎& Autonomous Mobility, Integrated Mobility, and ‎Green Mobility‏.‏

The center includes a group of researchers and ‎experts from various fields such as: computer ‎science, software engineering, electrical ‎engineering, civil engineering, environmental ‎engineering, mechanical engineering, geography, ‎geographic information systems, remote sensing, ‎statistics and economics. In addition to ‎professionals and experts from universities and ‎other international centres. The centre also has ‎access to all research laboratories at the UAE ‎University that provide a variety of basic ‎research aids, including artificial intelligence and ‎robotics labs, applications and simulation labs, ‎and materials science labs‏.‏