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Abu Dhabi to House one of the Region’s Largest Wholesale Food Trading Marketplaces at KIZAD

Partnership between AD Ports Group and Ghassan Aboud Group to Develop 3.3 sq km Regional Food Trading and Logistics Hub in collaboration with Rungis

Abu Dhabi, UAE: AD Ports Group, the region’s premier facilitator of logistics, industry, and trade, has partnered with UAE-based, multi-business conglomerate Ghassan Aboud Group to establish one of the region’s largest multi-category wholesale food trading and logistics hub in KIZAD in collaboration with Rungis. The project was announced at the official project launch ceremony held on-site in KIZAD.

The ‘Regional Food Hub – Abu Dhabi, in collaboration with Rungis’, will bring together wholesale buyers, sellers, logistics players, consolidators, and distributors from across the world, enhancing the diversity of all food categories available for consumers in the UAE and wider region.

Rungis International Market is the largest wholesale fresh food market in the world. It currently hosts 1200 companies, serves 18 million consumers, and has a turnover of EUR 10 billion.

The project will partner with the world’s leading wholesale market players to ensure the services, facilities and systems are world-class and the site is sustainable, hygienic and a zero-waste ecosystem to cater to post-pandemic requisites.

It will facilitate trade across proteins, seafood, pulses and rice, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, dry foods and fresh flowers. Food companies from all countries can offer their products and buyers will have a selection of thousands of fresh items managed in a safe, clean environment positioning the UAE as an important part of evolving global food supply chains.

Covering a land area of 3.3 sq km in KIZAD, the Regional Food Hub – Abu Dhabi will be one of the largest of its kind in the region. Its ecosystem will feature trading pavilions, logistics services, refrigerated and ambient warehouses, critical government services, waste recycling facilities and various other support amenities and services.

The project is designed to accelerate the government’s National Food Security Strategy and enhance food trade flow through Abu Dhabi.  By lowering the overall supply chain costs of food products, the food hub will provide a competitive ecosystem for both local and global players.

H.E. Rashed Abdulkarim Al Blooshi, Undersecretary of the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED), Chairman of Logistics Sector Development Committee in Abu Dhabi said, “Food security and safety are among the top priorities of the UAE, and this major new trade hub will drive efficiencies in food supply chains and help improve safety, affordability and sustainable access for wholesalers in the UAE. At ADDED, we are keen to support the launch of the ‘Regional Food Hub – Abu Dhabi’ which enhances public-private partnership, as part of our wider work to achieve a knowledge-based, diversified, and sustainable economy.”

Captain Mohamed Juma Al Shamisi, Managing Director and Group CEO, AD Ports Group, stressed the importance of this project and its role in supporting the UAE’s efforts to be number one on the Global Food Security Index by 2051. He said: “The development of new resources such as this, which will bring together leading local and global suppliers, supporting them with advanced innovation and world-class infrastructure, is testament to AD Ports Group’s commitment to facilitate food trade in line with the key objectives of the UAE’s National Food Security Strategy that was launched by our wise leadership in 2018”.

He added: “Our partnership with Ghassan Aboud Group is an important step towards promoting public-private collaboration and aligns our efforts to support the food sector by utilising the world-class infrastructure and logistics in KIZAD, in addition to our advanced technological capabilities that enhance food safety and security”.

Ghassan Aboud, Founder and Chairman of the Ghassan Aboud Group, said, “We are committed to investing in the food value chain in the UAE and we are confident that our partnership with the AD Ports Group will mark a pioneering step in the UAE’s food processing and distribution sector.

“The readily available infrastructure and value-added services will provide an integrated ecosystem for local and global food commodity providers and deploy cutting-edge digital technology to promote food-related innovation.”

Stéphane Layani, Chairman & CEO Rungis International Market, the largest wholesale fresh food market in the world, said: “We believe that the challenges seen during the Covid-19 crisis call for supply chain management in which wholesale markets play a strategic role.

Our ambition, working with strong and recognized public and private partners in Abu Dhabi over the years, is to create a network of wholesale markets able to connect with each other in a very unique global network which will provide additional tremendous strength to food supply chains and ensure critical food security.

“With our support and the leadership of our partners, the development of this new generation of infrastructure in Abou Dhabi will make it possible.”

Ghassan Aboud Group is an international conglomerate engaged in several key business sectors, including FMCG Distribution, logistics, supermarkets, catering and business-to-business digital platform for food and FMCG distribution. Its food and retail businesses have pioneered a range of key sustainability and food technology processes in recent years. With its participation across the food value chain, the Group is committed to facilitate uninterrupted supply of quality food products to the UAE’s and regional consumers.

KIZAD provides a fully integrated trade and logistics platform for food companies looking to expand in the region. Located near Khalifa Port, KIZAD enables multimodal connectivity via sea, air, road and rail networks in the future, with world-class infrastructure as well as water and electrical power at a competitive rate.

Its integrated service offerings include aluminium, paper and packaging, and food processing providers, enabling companies that use the food hub to benefit from significant economies of scale in the preparation and transport of their products.

The ‘Regional Food Hub – Abu Dhabi’, in collaboration with Rungis will also leverage cutting-edge technology to offer a digital marketplace that will provide a range of services for tenants and customers to increase adoption and ensure continuity while easing business by supporting key synergies between Abu Dhabi’s government entities and trade enablers.

About AD Ports Group:

Established in 2006, AD Ports Group today serves as the region’s premier facilitator of logistics, industry, and trade, as well as a bridge linking Abu Dhabi to the world. Listed on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX: ADPORTS), AD Ports Group’s vertically integrated business approach has proven instrumental in driving the emirate’s economic development over the past decade.

Operating several clusters covering Ports, Economic Cities & Free Zones, Maritime, Logistics, and Digital, AD Ports Group’s portfolio comprises 10 ports and terminals, and more than 550 square kilometres of economic zones within KIZAD and ZonesCorp, the largest integrated trade, logistics, and industrial business grouping in the Middle East.

AD Ports Group is rated A+ by S&P and A+ by Fitch.

About KIZAD:

Established in 2010 and operational since 2012, KIZAD is a subsidiary of AD Ports Group, under its Economic Cities & Free Zones portfolio. Strategically located between Abu Dhabi and Dubai – with the deep-water Khalifa Port as its maritime gateway – KIZAD is Abu Dhabi’s integrated trade, logistics and industrial hub facilitating sustainable growth in metals, polymers, food, automotive, water and oil and gas. KIZAD is one of the world’s largest industrial zones, spanning across 410 square kilometres.

About Ghassan Aboud Group:

Ghassan Aboud Group is one of the most progressive international conglomerates, headquartered in the United Arab Emirates, with footprint across Australia, Belgium, China, Jordan and Turkey.

Established in 1994 by Ghassan Aboud, a highly successful entrepreneur, businessman, and philanthropist, the group has evolved from its early foundations in the Automotive industry to a conglomerate holding some of the most highly coveted brands in multiple sectors in the region and beyond.

GAG affiliates operate in activities ranging from Automotive, Retail, FMCG, Media, Hospitality, Logistics, Healthcare, Catering, and Digital Marketplaces.

With relentless pursuit to growth and to add significant value to economic development, Ghassan Aboud Group is engaged in activities across the food value chain, from Farm to Fork – from food production and processing to marketing and distribution at a retail level.

Our motto at Ghassan Aboud Group is very simple yet profoundly inspiring, “Building a better future, together”.  We have taken major strides throughout our 27 years to provide innovative and enriching products, services, and experiences to our customers, partners, clients, and communities; and the journey continues, we are ambitious and always wanting to accomplish more.

About Semmaris / Rungis International Market:

Rungis International Market is the largest wholesale fresh food market in the world with €10 billion worth of products traded each year and attracts prestigious markets operators and customers.

The management company of the market, SEMMARIS, possesses a unique know-how in developing and managing wholesale markets and logistics hubs.

Having more than 40 years’ experience in the direct or indirect participation in the development of fifty wholesale markets in some 40 countries, we have been developing rigorous and effective working methods.

This makes the Rungis SEMMARIS approach truly unique as it stems from the ability to combine expert consultancy capabilities with the unparalleled practitioners experience derived from managing the world’s largest fresh produce market for close to 50 years now.

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