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Ariston Middle East gifts water heaters to residents of Sonapur this Ramadan

Ariston Middle East has brought the gift of hot water to more than 750 residents of a Construction Labour Camp this Ramadan. The company replaced old water heaters with Ariston Blu R units covering 18 washrooms of the camp. The washrooms are used by workers from two different companies – one being a construction establishment and the other an electromechanical company. This thoughtful initiative ensures that the hardworking residents of the labour camp have access to reliable hot water, improving their quality of life, health, hygiene, and wellbeing. Ariston Middle East’s dedication to the community is truly commendable, and their unique initiative during this holy month is poised to have a significant impact on the workers in the camp.

Alberto Torner, Head of Ariston Group in the Middle East, Turkey, and Caucasus says “We are a global company with strong local roots. ‘People and Communities’ is one of five focus areas of Ariston Group’s 2030 Vision. The bond with the local communities constitutes one of our founding values. This gesture symbolizes the ethos.”

Service technicians from Ariston Service Centre inspected the facilities and worked out the type of water heater needed and the optimum capacity required for the Labour Camp. Based on the frequency of usage, Ariston Middle East decided to install Blu R water heaters which have enameled steel tanks, oversized magnesium anode and a tested pressure safety valve. The installed water heaters will generate 774 L per day per tank resulting in total hot water generation of more than 6000L per day.

The labour camp overseer and residents are grateful for the unique gift of hot water.

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About Ariston Group:

Ariston Group is a global leader in sustainable solutions for hot water and space heating, components and burners. In 2022 the Group reported almost 2.4 billion euro revenues. As of today, after the addition of Centrotec Climate Systems in January 2023, Ariston Group has over 10,000 employees, representative offices in 43 countries, 31 production sites and 30 research and development centers in 5 continents. Ariston Group is listed on Euronext Milan since November 2021. Ariston Group demonstrates its commitment to sustainability through the development of renewable and high efficiency solutions, such as heat pumps, water heating heat pump, hybrid solutions and solar thermal systems. The Group also stands out for its continuous investment in technological innovation, digitalization and advanced connectivity systems. The Group offers a full range of products, solutions and services mainly under the global brands Ariston, ELCO and Wolf, and also operates under iconic brands such as Calorex, NTI, HTP, Chaffoteaux, ATAG, Brink, Chromagen, Racold as well as Thermowatt and Ecoflam in the components and burners business.

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