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Discover the Innovative World of Mondoir

Dubai, UAEMondoir, founded by Amir “Mondoir” Soleymani in January 2023, marks a new era of art in the UAE, bridging the gap between physical art and digital art. With a mission to contribute to the culture of expression, creativity and grow the community of digital artists around the world, Mondoir serves as a catalyst for creativity, offering a platform for artists to engage with their audience and fellow creators through a unique blend of experiences, tools, and systems. 

With its novel, modern and futuristic space nestled in the heart of Downtown Dubai, Mondoir operates at the intersection of blockchain, technology, entertainment and art and their network of real-life galleries supports digital artists in their journey of discovery, showcase, and collection. Through exhibitions, events, and educational programs, Mondoir seeks to inspire and promote digital art while fostering a community that enhances creative expression and participation around the world.

Mondoir has taken a significant step forward in its mission to empower artists with the launch of the .ART ecosystem. Designed to revolutionize digital art experiences, this ecosystem introduces innovative tools such as ‘Directory.art’ and “Submit.art”. ‘Directory.art’ provides artists with a platform to showcase their work and products whilst at the same time offering smart search functionalities for people discovering artistic services globally. ‘Submit.art’ streamlines gallery and artist engagements for open calls and gallery exhibitions around the world. These tools will simplify the creative pursuit for artists, curators, and collectors and expand Mondoir’s digital and physical presence. 

Amir Soleymani, Founder of Mondoir, commented, “Our mission is to support the advancement of digital art. Our tools simplify discovery processes and improve access to new technologies, enabling artists to scale. We deliver experiences, develop tools and deploy systems that solve various barriers entry for artists and contribute to advancing digital art worldwide.”

These products promise to revolutionize the way people experience digital art. With a clear focus on transformative growth and well defined expansion plans, Mondoir is firmly at the forefront of driving the artistic revolution in the digital realm. 

About Mondoir:

Mondoir, established by Amir Soleymani, is a company that operates at the intersection of technology and art, championing artists and promoting the growth of digital art and new technologies. In 2023, the brand expanded to Dubai, with a primary focus on developing tools, deploying systems and delivering experiences that empower artists and streamline their navigation of the new digital landscape.

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