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Future of knowledge: MBRF’s commitment to keeping abreast of latest innovations

Since its inception, under the direction of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF) has driven excellence in knowledge on local, regional, and global levels. This has been the result of its steadfast efforts to stay abreast of scientific and technological advancements. The MBRF has actively viewed research and development as the cornerstone of its success and the driving force behind its initiatives to promote research and create environments that empower researchers. 

The MBRF places a high value on the latest scientific and technological developments, which is evidenced by the wide range of initiatives and activities it undertakes, including international conferences, forums, and events like the Knowledge Summit, the Digital Knowledge Hub (DKH), the Youth Knowledge Forum (YFK), and the Global Knowledge Index (GKI). These initiatives target facilitating the exchange of knowledge and expertise in today’s key fields, notably AI, photo analysis, robotics, and other modern technologies.

One of the most prestigious and international platforms for the exchange of knowledge, expertise, and accomplishments is the KS. It is attended by relevant organizations, specialized institutions, and decision-makers to set forth strategies and formulate policies for the future. The KS has quickly established itself as a leading international forum for discussion on how to lay the foundations for knowledge-based, sustainable communities and economies. At KS2018, the MBRF was able to solidify its leadership by emphasizing AI and other related technologies. The MBRF further discussed the benefits and potential effects of robotics and 3D printing in several other initiatives.

In regard to artificial intelligence (AI), the MBRF has adopted a vision-based strategy to improve the prospects of this crucial field. It successfully raised awareness of the significance and impact of AI in the future. In collaboration with researchers, professionals, and students, the MBRF organized several events, lectures, and workshops that helped shed light on the latest advancements in the field.

The KnowTalks sessions and other similar initiatives demonstrated the MBRF’s continued interest in driving innovation in 3D printing and robotic science. This was accomplished through promising opportunities for researchers and innovators to take advantage of these modern technologies and develop new applications in a range of domains. The Foundation was successful in providing an incubating ground, as well as a supportive environment for researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs in this field by developing and promoting the skills required to capitalize on these emerging innovations.

As part of the KnowTalks series, the MBRF continues to make tireless efforts to review evolving and potential topics, such as youth, artificial intelligence, sustainability, recycling, food security, and climate empowerment. These discussions are held to educate the public and spread knowledge about these topics, while also empowering the youth to contribute to building a sustainable future.

The Foundation, which believes that knowledge is the fruit of experiences, ideas, and knowledge, seeks to launch research and collaborative projects to promote continuous learning and innovation in many fields. In order to achieve this, the MBRF facilitates access to knowledge by producing online educational content that is primarily visible in the DKH, a leading knowledge platform that creates, gathers, and organizes information into an integrated framework. The initiative is a step towards bridging the digital and knowledge gap in the Arab world and improving the standing of Arabic content online. As one of the largest digital platforms for Arab content, the hub provides 218,000 books, 4.7 million digital materials, and 449,952 titles in various areas of knowledge to facilitate access to knowledge content, in line with the directives of the wise leadership focusing on the knowledge economy. The UAE has high expectations for the knowledge economy and is making vigorous and tangible efforts to solidify its efforts, allowing it to rank first globally in 18 variables and sub-indexes in the GKI2022 results.

The MBRF also collaborates with UNDP in order to offer decision-makers around the world a solid knowledge base that directs their efforts to confront emerging risks and seize opportunities to advance development in this shifting global environment. This collaboration resulted in the launch of the GKI as a crucial tool for measuring the global state of knowledge. The GKI highlights current challenges in knowledge and sustainable development, providing reliable data that helps countries, organizations, and decision-makers recognize shifts and challenges, as well as identify possible ways of development.

As part of its efforts to promote knowledge and innovation, the MBRF reiterates its commitment to advance technological and knowledge development by integrating science, technology, and innovation. The MBRF will continue to drive efforts to review new initiatives and future developments of AI and other emerging technologies through events, forums, and workshops, in line with its mission to advance knowledge and accelerate the development of a prosperous and sustainable future for the UAE and the world at large.

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