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Health is Wealth: Dubai-based Cooperative Offers 2700+ Organic products

2792 organic products provided by the Union Coop to shoppers in its branches spread across Dubai.

Dubai, UAE:

Dubai-based retailer ‘Union Coop’ has affirmed its commitment to providing the finest quality goods, whether locally sourced or imported, at competitive prices for consumers. It emphasized its alignment with modern requirements and the fulfilment of diverse customer needs and desires. The cooperative offers over 2790 organic products across all of its 26 branches in Dubai, including 2382 food items, vegetables, and other products, along with 410 non-food items.

It stated that it collaborates with 178 organic product suppliers within the country, whether from well-known brands or authorized agents. Contracts are established with these suppliers for organic materials and products, subject to terms and procedures ensuring the provision of high-quality organic goods to consumers. The cooperative noted significant growth in the range of organic materials and products, with monthly increases to cater to shoppers’ needs and preferences.

Union Coop clarified that the monthly sales volume of organic products totals 79,711 items, including both food and non-food items. It highlighted its long-standing commitment to supporting all types and varieties of organic products, particularly local ones, by facilitating continuous supply through approved suppliers. This effort contributes to building sustainable food security.

Furthermore, the cooperative consistently collaborates with local companies, conducting meetings and arranging visits to discover new sources and diversify organic products. Notably, the cooperative’s Union Farm produce around 20 varieties of leafy vegetables, covering 30% of the cooperative’s branch consumption. This farm serves an educational purpose for visitors of all ages, especially school students, showcasing step-by-step proper hydroponic farming techniques.

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