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NBO Wins ‘Best Brand Identity in Oman’ for its Reignited Brand Identity

National Bank of Oman (NBO) has been awarded the prestigious title of ‘Best Brand Identity in Oman 2023’ by the International Business Magazine. This esteemed recognition not only reaffirms NBO’s purpose-driven and value-oriented communications strategy, along with its reignited brand identity, but also celebrates the bank’s illustrious 50 years of legacy and rich history. For half a century, NBO has been committed to excellence and innovation, which has been instrumental in shaping its modernisation journey. By seamlessly blending tradition with contemporary values, NBO has crafted a brand that stands apart in the competitive banking industry.

Sherifa Al Maskari, Head of Brand at the National Bank of Oman, said, “In 2022, NBO unveiled its new brand identity, featuring a vibrant look and feel to differentiate it further from other brands and competitors. The new identity revamped the bank’s values, aligning them with its strategic goals, aspiration, and the way it communicates its products and services. NBO’s four values of being authentic first and foremost, relentlessly pioneering, creating value through connection, and pursuing simplicity, are the guiding principles that empower the bank to unlock opportunities as one.”

“Winning the ‘Best Brand Identity Award’ has served as a motivational factor to strive for even greater heights, continuing to innovate and expand NBO’s services to solidify its leading position in the local banking industry,” she further stated.

NBO’s journey towards launching its new brand has been marked by careful brand discovery and the development of a comprehensive brand strategy. This involved a thorough examination of the bank’s values, aspirations, and its communication approach. Directed by the four values, NBO’s messaging now aligns with the principles of its customers and employees. Recognizing the importance of a strong digital presence, NBO also developed comprehensive digital design guidelines to ensure a consistent and engaging visual representation across various digital platforms, providing customers with a seamless user experience. 

Internally, NBO engaged employees through a series of activities designed to foster a shared understanding of the brand’s values and goals. By nurturing a sense of pride and ownership, NBO empowers its employees to become brand ambassadors, ensuring consistent brand representation across all interactions. Moreover, NBO introduced the Rawabit Program with a focus on reinforcing the bank’s values to deliver superior services, and launched the Values Recognition Program “Taqdeer”, as part of its commitment to building a high-performance culture based on the bank’s core values. Furthermore, NBO has developed branch design principles that align physical spaces with its brand identity to create an authentically welcoming environment.

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Ever since its inception in 1973 as Oman’s first local bank, NBO has been committed to creating real value and achieving progress through new possibilities for Oman and the people it serves. In its communication with external audiences, NBO understands that the end-to-end banking experience shapes customers’ perception of the bank and ultimately maximizes their satisfaction.

Details about NBO’s range of products and services are available in-branch, online at http://www.nbo.om or by contacting the Call Centre on 24770000.

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