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Nirvana Over The World wins two prestigious awards at the World Travel Awards 2021

Lina Bassam, CEO of Nirvana Over T

Abu Dhabi: Nirvana Over The World, a B2B brand under Nirvana Holding Group has won the World’s Best B2B Travel Provider of 2021 and the Middle East’s Best B2B Travel Provider of 2021, at the prestigious World Travel Awards ceremony, establishing their place as a leader in the Middle East’s travel market for three consecutive years.

The award distributions this year were all conducted online, given the current situation and the challenges the travel industry is facing worldwide. 

Speaking about the achievement, Lina Bassam, CEO of Nirvana Over The World; “We are honored to be chosen as the World’s Best B2B Travel provider and Best B2B Travel Provider in the Middle East – it is the result of continuous efforts and relentless work. We are very proud of our dedicated team that made this achievement possible despite the difficulty of the market situation last two years. I would like to thank the World Travel Awards for granting us these prestigious titles, and we will remain committed to providing our clients with the best experience.”

The awards have shed light on the tailored services and leading technology offered by Nirvana Over The World, with a major user-centric approach. Nirvana’s booking platform provides innovative solutions for Online Travel Agencies (OTA) and Destination Management Companies (DMC) which has made the travel planning process accessible to other businesses in one simple click.

About Nirvana Over The World:

In 2015, Nirvana Travel & Tourism decided to open a wholesaler department and develop a B2B online booking engine which started with Hotels, Transportation and Sightseeing Online services. Initially, they sold their products to agents for the UAE local market.

They further developed their services and added new flights/cruises and Visa services. They also focused on the quality of the services by approaching the service providers and getting competitive and exclusive prices. Then they started expanding to other markets and opened a branch in KSA. The services achieved great success in this particular market.

Later on, they completely focused on improving the quality of their services and signed commercial agreements with the most prominent international hotel chains.

Having established a successful business, they decided to upgrade from department to a standalone company. They remodelled themselves with a new brand name “N.O.W. NIRVANA OVER THE WORLD”, along with the new name they celebrated the opening of their new branch in Egypt, to cover the constantly increasing demand in the travel business and for their clients, and hired 95 new staff members. Simultaneously, they started operating the offline support and 24/7 online support.

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