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NRTC Fresh Experiences Exponential Growth of Over 1,000% Increase in Orders Within the Past Year

The delivery platform also expanded its online presence across various UAE grocery platforms

In the last one year, NRTC Fresh, the online delivery platform for fresh fruits and vegetables, is proud to announce an increased growth of 1,617% in its number of orders as well as its expansion across various grocery platforms in the UAE. In recognition of its impressive growth, NRTC Fresh was one of only 19 winners awarded The Middle East Excellence Award for outstanding achievement in the e-commerce category amongst 500 participants.

The increased turnover came in response to the growing demand for fresh produce as well as the need for easy online shopping to support precautionary measures in the fight against COVID-19. According to the Q3 report analysis, over seventy thousand UAE residents are registered on the NRTC Fresh platform, with 54% being female and 46% male. The delivery platform has also gained significant traction with new site visitors making up 81.3% of consumers within the year.

In addition, NRTC Fresh has expanded its online presence and is now available on more grocery delivery platforms such as Instashop, Amazon, El Grocer, Swan and Careem NOW. This expansion initiative came into play in order to provide more convenient options to purchase NRTC Fresh fruits and vegetables for customers across the UAE and to meet the growing demand for food and consumables through online stores.

“When it comes to online deliveries, the demand for convenience is growing rapidly in the region. Our collaboration with various grocery platforms will enable us to supply more households with fresh fruits and vegetables. With the full support of the Department of Economic Development, we are looking forward to providing as much access to fresh produce across the UAE.” Said Mohammad Nassar, CEO of the NRTC Group.

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