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The Green Planet welcomes its first black and white lemurs to Dubai’s only indoor rainforest

The rare and endangered species now call the biodome home.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates The Green Planet, Dubai’s only indoor rainforest – home to over 3,000 plants and animals across four levels – is welcoming its first black and white lemurs. 

Known for their eye-catching black and white markings, with a white ruff around their necks and bright yellow eyes, the species are agile creatures often hanging from their feet to help reach ripe fruit, seeds, leaves, and nectar, playing a crucial role in pollinating the rainforest.  Living in nests high in trees, the species become independent at about four months and reach maturity around 20 months possessing a lifespan of approximately 19 years in the wild.

Found exclusively in Madagascar, the creatures are an endangered species of ruffed lemur known for their striking black and white fur patterns. Their arrival further strengthens The Green Planet’s commitment to conservation and education, raising awareness about the endangered status of all lemur species. 

Joining Roxy and Kendrick, the indoor rainforest’s resident ring-tailed lemur duo, the two rare black and white lemurs will charm visitors with their dynamic personalities and graceful movements. Guests now have the unique opportunity to observe both species side by side, gaining valuable insights into their behaviors and natural interactions.

About The Green Planet:

One of Dubai’s most popular attractions for residents and tourists, the Green Planet is a magnificent four-story biodome located in City Walk, Dubai. Counted as one of the most brilliantly engineered biodomes in the world, the canopy stands at an astonishing height of 30-45 metres above the ground and forms the roof of the rainforest, providing a panoramic view across the rainforest ecosystem.

The Green Planet was conceptualized to bring together nature and curiosity, alongside uniquely immersive guest experiences to help raise awareness of the world’s most diverse ecosystems and the role we all play in protecting them. The attraction is home to 3,000 plants and animals from across the globe – from the cute to the deadly. 

Visiting The Green Planet is a great educational experience for adults and kids alike with multiple experiences to help get the most from a visit, including school trips, tropical thunderstorms or even becoming ‘Zookeeper for a day’ with the support of experts in the field. 

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