10 Reasons Why Renting a Yacht in Dubai Should be on Your Bucket List


Are you looking for a nice place to spend your vacation with your family, friends, or even your hubby? Dubai is your best destination; you can rent an exclusive yacht in Dubai and live an extraordinary experience. Imagine yourself sitting in your yacht chair and your favorite drink next to you. Is this all I can do on my yacht? The answer is no, continue the article and we will tell you everything about all the activities you can do on your private yacht!

1-    Jet ski in Dubai

The jet ski is one of the most interesting experiences you can have. You will have adrenaline hit like never before. What will I see on a jet ski tour? During a jet-ski trip, you’ll get the greatest views of Palm Jumeirah, JBR, Blue Waters Island (Ain Dubai), and the Burj Al Arab. As a driver, passenger, or taking turns with a friend, you should follow the guidelines the instructor tells you about so as not to hurt yourself. So, what makes Jet Ski a must-try activity in Dubai?

·   It’s Exciting – Enjoy high-speed driving and rapid curves.

·   It’s Easy – You don’t need any special talents or a high degree of physical condition to capture your vacation with an action camera or shoot unusual images with Dubai landmarks in the background.

·   Burn calories – you can burn 238 calories in just half an hour of riding a Jet Ski.

·   It’s safe- you wouldn’t be afraid of drowning because you are wearing a life jacket and you have an instructor with you.

2-    Banana Boat

You don’t like the Jet Ski? There is another option, which is the banana boat it can take up to five people, so you and your family members or even your friends can gather and play it. Of course, you wear a life jacket so it is a safe activity to do. Also, you and your family will take enormous photos which will last forever as a memory with you. But, don’t forget to bring your sunscreen with you if you don’t want to get tanned.

3-    Jet car ride

The fun is yet to start! On the centre console of the seat, there are controls for the lights and windscreen wipers. In the dashboard, there is also a small GPS screen. As an added plus, the high walls of the seat and the windscreen keep mariners significantly drier than they would on a jet ski. It has a steering wheel, gas pedal, and gear selector, just like a real car, but no brakes, like a jet ski. (To slow down, take your foot off the petrol.) If you prefer a simple trip on the water, Jet Car is the ideal option for you and that special someone.

4-    Donut Ride

It is one of the most popular and highly recommended water activities among tourists in Dubai. You can explore the scenic splendor of the Arabian coastline while riding your donut with your friends. For sure, you will experience a huge adrenaline rush. All these games will get you closer to your beloved ones.

5-    Fishing

If you are a tourist who doesn’t like adrenaline rush activities, and you just want to chill out and fish. All you have to do is rent an exclusive yacht, sit on your comfortable chair, and start fishing in the amazing Arabian Gulf. Feel the luxury of renting an exclusive yacht in Dubai! The best three spots you can fish in are Al Maktoum Bridge, Jumeirah Beach, and Dubai Creek.

6-    Photoshoot an occasion

Your birthday, wedding, or even anniversary is coming soon? The best way to celebrate it is on a yacht and take stunning photos. As Dubai is known as a picturesque place. You can have Palm Jumeirah Islands, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Marina, Dubai creek, and world islands in the background of your photos with your beloved ones.

7-    It’s not that expensive

The great majority of people believe that hiring a boat will be expensive; nevertheless, this is not the case. Split the cost among your loved ones, and you may spend a day on a yacht for less than AED 200.

8-    Party Yacht

Are you a party person? You can have a party with your friends. And enjoy drinks and barbecue. Live a one-time experience in Dubai!

9-     Food

You are a foodie person? If yes, then you can’t come to Dubai without trying this Arabian food. The crew in your yacht can offer you Baba Ganoush, Labneh, Tabbouleh, Hummus, and Fattoush. All are delicious must-try Arabin food.

10-     Have some privacy

For a few hours, you may escape the chaos of Dubai and just hear the sound of the sea in your ears on your private yacht. A feeling anyone would want just with your beloved ones.


Dubai has improved as a city in the last ten years in all aspects of life so you might have to put it as your first option on your bucket list. Renting an exclusive yacht in Dubai is an experience you have to do it. The photos and the experience itself will be engraved in your memory, and you will always remember it with a smile on your face. And you will wish to do it again and again!