2022 Renault Koleos– the contemporary SUV reimagined


Taking the SUV experience to the next level, the Koleos has come a long way since its first appearance in 2006 at the Paris Motor Show. It was Renault’s first SUV and to date remains a favorite among customers and those looking for something different, which speaks volumes about the innovativeness and forward-thinking foundation that the car was built on.

Looks matter

Well-defined edges make the overall profile of the 2022 Koleos appear strong and athletic and is probably one of the most notable features in this new version. A great blending of power and refinement, the Koleos makes its presence felt with large shoulders and muscular side panels that are further enhanced by a robust frontend; broad, smart-looking tires; and a noticeably large wheelbase.

The car is engineered to demand attention and make heads turn. However, as impressive as its appearance is, this is still just half the story of Koleos’ glory.

As seamless on the outside as it is inside

The all-mode 4×4-i transmission results in a car that promises you all the power and comfort you would require on the road. The engine can be switched between two- and four-wheel driving giving you the liberty and flexibility to choose your own experience.  

Once you set your foot inside the car, the first thing you will discover is that it is engineered to mirror the comfort of being home, with spacious leg space, ventilated memory seats, a breathable cabin. But you are not restricted to what the car comes predesigned with. With a choice of colors for the seats, you can choose what defines you the best — for a roomier feeling, you can opt for lighter shades, while darker ones can be picked for more assertive looks. The 2022 Koleos also comes with all-new black titanium trims that replace its predecessor’s wooden trims.

But that’s not all. The car’s ambient lighting, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto connectivity, R-LINK 2 all make for a memorable drive every time you get seated. The 2022 Renault Koleos is certainly a notch above when it comes to contemporary SUVs that set out to offer you a bit of everything to cater to all customers, no matter their drives.

Never settle for less

The 2022 Renault Koleos also comes with additional features, such as rich acoustics with the BOSE audio system, lighting options, multimedia, navigation, Bluetooth and driving assistance systems in addition to easy park assist. Visit your nearest Arabian Automobiles Renault R-Store to drive one home and experience the pleasure of SUVs in an all-new avatar!