3DXB GROUP Pioneers Sustainability in the Saudi Green Building Forum 2023 in Riyadh


3DXB Group, a pioneering company in the 3D construction industry, took center stage as the official 3D printing partner and sponsor at the Saudi Green Building Forum 2023. 

Held recently at the King Abdullah Financial District’s Conference Center in Riyadh, the event brought together an array of distinguished thought leaders and stakeholders in the field of sustainable development. 

The Saudi Green Building Forum, a marquee event on the sustainability calendar, focuses on Saudi Arabia’s transformation into a global leader in green development and sustainability. As a sponsor and the official 3D printing partner of the event, 3DXB Group played a pivotal role in highlighting innovative solutions that align with the Kingdom’s sustainable development goals.

The event showcased the profound dedication of 3DXB Group to contribute to the advancement of sustainable construction practices in the Kingdom. As the official partner, 3DXB’s state-of-the-art 3D printing technology stood as a beacon of innovation, serving as a testament to their commitment to revolutionize the construction industry.

Commenting on 3DXB’s participation at the Saudi Green Building Forum, Mr. Badar Rashid AlBlooshi, Chairman of 3DXB GROUP said, “We are honoured to have been the official 3D printing partner and sponsor of the Saudi Green Building Forum 2023. Our commitment to advancing sustainability in the construction industry is unwavering, and this event provided a platform to demonstrate our contributions towards achieving Saudi Arabia’s sustainable development goals. We are proud to have introduced our innovative 3D printing solutions to industry experts and to have engaged with like-minded professionals who share our vision for a greener and more sustainable future.” 

“In a rapidly evolving construction landscape, 3DXB Group’s potential in the Saudi construction market is substantial. Our 3D printing solutions have the potential to revolutionize traditional construction methods, offering precision that align with the Kingdom’s vision for sustainable development. By contributing to the localization of construction technologies, we are not only showcasing our innovative products but also positioning ourselves as a key player in driving the transformation of the construction sector towards more eco-friendly, efficient, and locally adaptable practices. This aligns with the goals of the Saudi 2030 Vision as it addresses the practical needs of the Saudi construction market,” added AlBlooshi.

3DXB Group’s presence at the Saudi Green Building Forum holds significant importance in the context of advancing sustainable construction practices. As the official 3D printing partner and sponsor of the event, their involvement underscores the growing role of innovative technology in the construction industry. By showcasing their advanced 3D printing solutions, including the MiniPrinter PRO and MaxiPrinter, 3DXB Group highlights their commitment to local adaptation, addressing the unique weather conditions and specific construction requirements of the Saudi market.

Expanding its services into the Middle East, 3DXB GROUP, with its foundation in the UAE and a strong commitment to advancing sustainability, is poised to lead the charge in transforming the construction industry with sustainable and eco-friendly 3D printing solutions.