3DXB GROUP to Take Part in Dubai Youth Circle organised by the Dubai Youth Council


3D Concrete Building Market Set to Surge from $1.24 Billion in 2022 to $42.32 Billion by 2028 Says Research & Markets

Dubai, UAE: 3DXB GROUP, the UAE-based pioneering company specializing in 3D printing solutions for the construction industry, took part in the recent Youth Circle event organized by the Dubai Youth Council. 

Signifying a shift towards innovative construction methods and an increased adoption of 3D concrete printing technology, the circle was held at a time when the global 3D concrete building market is poised for remarkable expansion, with a staggering growth trajectory from $1.24 billion in 2022 to a projected $42.32 billion by 2028 as per a recent study by Research & Markets, a global research firm. 

Under the theme ‘Towards a Sustainable Future,’ this event served as a pivotal platform for leaders, experts, and stakeholders to engage in a profound dialogue on sustainability, global cooperation, and the pressing challenges of climate change.

In alignment with UAE’s visionary decree No. (24) of 2021, issued by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, 3DXB GROUP stands as the regional frontrunner, offering exclusive comprehensive 3D building solutions for the construction sector. The decree aims to regulate and promote the use of 3D printing in construction, with a goal of constructing 25% of buildings using this innovative technology by 2030.

Garnering the presence of distinguished decision makers in the climate change field, the Youth Circle witnessed an intensive discussion of the importance of 3D printing in construction in enhancing the UAE’s sustainability journey. 

The gathering brought together a diverse array of stakeholders, including government officials, environmentalists, and industry leaders, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and insights.

Badar Rashid AlBlooshi, Chairman of 3DXB GROUP said: “The Youth Circle provided a valuable opportunity to delve into the multifaceted issue of environmental sustainability. It emphasized the importance of global collaboration and initiatives like COP28 in addressing climate change challenges. At 3DXB GROUP, we firmly believe that sustainability is a responsibility, and we are committed to contributing innovative solutions.”

From an economic perspective, 3D printing significantly lowers material and operational costs by minimizing material wastage and reducing the need for excess building materials. 

“The environmental impact is substantial, as the high precision in 3D printing results in minimal material wastage during construction. Some 3D printing technologies also enable the use of recycled and sustainable construction materials, aligning perfectly with eco-conscious building practices,” he added.

Engineer Bassel Mohammad from 3DXB Group conducted an illuminating workshop titled ‘Building Houses Using 3D Construction Printing in Dubai’. This collaborative effort showcased the revolutionary process of constructing houses using 3D construction, encompassing specialized software for precise 3D house modeling and cutting-edge 3D printers meticulously layering structural components using eco-friendly materials. All of this resulted in a highly efficient and sustainable construction process with a strong commitment to environmental responsibility.

3DXB GROUP’s active engagement in the Youth Circle underscores its dedication to empowering youth in climate action and environmental preservation. Furthermore, it amplifies the company’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge 3D printing technology to help the UAE achieve its ambitious sustainability objectives.