5 Tips For Keeping Your Home Safe From Germs During Ramadan


Zoono offers five safety tips and reminders to keep in mind while hosting Iftars during the Holy Month

UAE: Many spent Ramadan 2020 in solitude, but in 2021 with vaccines rolling out and restrictions being eased, families are finally able to come together in small numbers to celebrate the upcoming Holy Month. With safety and hygiene at the forefront of everyone’s priority list, Zoono; the next generation sanitizer and protectant, offers five tips and reminders to keep in mind this Ramadan to host iftar gatherings safely.

  1. Keep a hand sanitizer near the entrance, on the dining table and on the coffee table

This is to remind guests coming in, to immediately sanitize first and then head to the washroom to thoroughly wash their hands. Keeping a sanitizer on hand everywhere allows guests easy access to a sanitization station. A large one like the Zoono Germ Free 24 Hour Hand Sanitiser and Protectant (500ML) is quite useful in these settings and encourages good hand hygiene amongst guests. Gentle to all skin types, it is especially ideal for sensitive skin as it contains no alcohol.

  1. Wipe down all door handles, light switches and all communal surfaces

Before guests arrive, cleaning all surfaces with a disinfectant is a crucial step that should not be skipped. This helps reduce germs and kill any residue bacteria that might have been missed in the initial cleaning. The Microbe Shield Surface Sanitiser and Protectant is ideal for this step as it  forms an antimicrobial coating that bonds to surfaces and delivers long-lasting protection against germs for up to 30 days.

  1. Disinfect your groceries before storing them in the fridge or pantry

Cleaning your groceries with disinfectant before putting them away is important however, most sanitizers contain alcohol and are extremely unsafe to use around food, especially in a household with children. While all substances have a ‘toxicity’ level, even water, Zoono’s toxicity level is similar to that of Vitamin C and is extremely safe to use around kids. Alongside this, Zoono contains no alcohol, making it the ideal product to use around food.

  1. Sanitizing your personal prayer mat regularly, after each prayer

With this year’s Taraweeh (night prayers) capped at 30 mins, taking a personal prayer mat to the mosque is important to safeguard the health of everyone attending these prayers. However, as the face makes repeated contact with the mat, it could be a huge health hazard. Spraying prayer mats regularly with a disinfectant is very important during these times. Colourless and odourless, the Zoono Surface Sanitiser is highly effective in killing all germs and is alcohol free, making it safe to use on prayer articles.

  1. Full home disinfection cycles

Disinfecting the home is imperative during these times in order to enjoy iftar with the family worry-free. Cleaning during Ramadan has a special significance as it is a time in which people strive for both, purity of the mind and the soul. Zoono’s Sanitization Service disinfects every nook and cranny of the house, helping people welcome Ramadan with a clean and safe home.

With cleanliness so ingrained in Islam, it is imperative to keep one’s surroundings pristine before beginning to cleanse the spirit and mind. Prioritising the safety and well-being of all family members and especially those with frail immune systems, is also key to helping protect homes.

About Zoono:

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