76% of UAE Public Believe Vaccine Will Bring Life Back To Normal In A Year Says G42 Healthcare-YouGov Survey

  • YouGov’s online quantitative survey in January 2021 sampled 1,011 UAE residents
  • Safety, No Major Side Effects and Keeping My Family Safe top factors to vaccinate
  • 70% of surveyed had high awareness of 4Humanity clinical trials in UAE
  • 4 out of 5 surveyed opted for the Sinopharm inactivated vaccine
  • UAE government websites most trusted information source on vaccines
Ashish Koshy, G42 Healthcare CEO

Abu Dhabi: A new survey of UAE residents about vaccination for COVID-19 has placed safety; no major side effects and keeping their family safe as the three most important reasons for taking the vaccine.

The results were revealed in a quantitative online survey by YouGov commissioned by G42 Healthcare which is at the forefront in the battle against COVID-19 in conducting the 4Humanity clinical trials and supporting the distribution of the Sinopharm CNBG vaccine.

A total of 1,011 respondents from the UAE, representative of the nation’s demographics were polled in the survey to assess current perceptions, individual’s expectations and considerations on taking the COVID-19 vaccine.

Safety remains the top determinant when opting for a vaccine, with 52 percent of those surveyed claiming safety and efficacy as the key motivators to take the vaccination. This is followed by lack of any major side effects coming in at a close second with 50 percent. Responsibility towards keeping their family safe and protection against new variants of the virus both tied in at 47 percent, while 46 percent of respondents cited free availability of the vaccine at multiple locations as among the top five reasons to why they would choose to get vaccinated.

With a population of under 10 million that is home to over 200 nationalities, 37 percent of respondents were motivated to take the vaccine as national duty, and 33 percent said they would vaccinate as social duty contributing as global citizens.

Over 80 percent of the respondents who have vaccinated, opted for the Sinopharm inactivated vaccine, the survey discovered – reinforcing the ongoing successful roll out of the national vaccination programme in the UAE that has seen a rate of over 51.43 doses administered per 100 people to date.

Understanding who the public trusts for reliable vaccine information is critical for any national COVID-19 vaccination effort and in this case the success of the trials and vaccine uptake was reinforced in the poll by the findings that Government websites are considered the most trusted channel for vaccine and COVID-19 information with over 60 percent consulting UAE Health Authority websites before opting for the jab.

Commenting on the results, G42 Healthcare CEO Ashish Koshy said: “This independent public survey demonstrates the collective will of the UAE public to get vaccinated, and why it is so important to undertake the clinical trials and scientific studies here in the UAE in association with UAE health authorities. 

“The results show that we have an informed public that is making choices based on science, their personal considerations, and their contribution to their communities and society. We are truly encouraged and will continue our collaborative efforts to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The survey showcases that while choosing to vaccinate remains a personal prerogative, there’s recognition of its global impact and the ramifications across communities and countries. Today the UAE has administered over 5 million doses since the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) announced the official registration of the Inactivated COVID-19 vaccine, that has been subject to Phase III Trials in the UAE since July, in a major step towards combating the global pandemic.

About G42 Healthcare:

G42 Healthcare, a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi-based Group 42 – a leading technology company, is committed to developing a world-class, sustainable healthcare sector in the UAE. At the forefront in the battle against COVID-19, G42 Healthcare uses its advanced AI techniques and vast computing resources to accelerate the detection of COVID-19, conduct research into new vaccines and drug therapies, and map trends in the outbreak including virus mutations. The company was responsible was conducting the world’s first phase III clinical trial of inactivated vaccines across the Pan Arab region with over 43,000 volunteers participating from over 125 nationalities.