A Cool Kitchen Experience: Organize your fridge to make meal-planning a breeze


Refrigerators are one of the great inventions of the 20th century. They’re unsung heroes for keeping our food fresh for longer, and ensuring that our leftovers don’t spoil too quickly. But, there’s a good chance you’re not maximising your fridge and freezer’s full potential.

From a technical perspective, organising your fridge has undeniable benefits: an uncluttered space ensures the air can circulate freely, meaning the temperature stays steady and the appliance lasts longer. Here’s a list of tips that will have your fridge and freezer working at its most functional and convenient best:

1. Clear up spills immediately. Wipe down the handles daily and, once a week, the door outside. Once every three months, empty the whole thing, take out all removable parts (shelves, drawers, racks) and wash with hot water and a little washing-up liquid.

2. Most fridges come with drawers for your fruit and vegetables, but don’t be afraid to stock up on more. It makes organisational sense to keep certain items together in boxes so you know where everything is.

3. The rule of thumb is to store like with like: meat with meat and fish with fish, veg and fruit in separate veg drawers, herbs and green leaves away from the cold back of the fridge to which they’ll stick.

4. Line your fridge shelves with placemats or liners. You can cut them down to size then take them out for a wash and soak when they need it. Use washable, absorbent liners in drawers to help prevent your fruit from spoiling and bruising, and keep vegetables crisp. Liners help keep your shelves nice and clean and provide added protection from spills and leaks.

To address all your refrigeration needs, Samsung has reimagined the form and function of the refrigerator by introducing new innovations—and new models—that bring families closer together, simplify their meal planning, and give them more control over their smart homes.

Samsung’s new side-by-side refrigerator features an innovative design which offers upto 680 gross liters of interior food storage space and interior walls with reduced thickness thanks to Samsung’s SpaceMax™ Technology. Its modern form and premium built-in look—as well as its elegant flat doors, minimal dispenser, and recessed handles—blend seamlessly with your existing kitchen appliances and cabinetry. Whether you choose a black stainless or stainless model, it will come with a fingerprint-resistant finish that’s easy to keep clean.

Each model has a redesigned interior, with large capacity designed to fit more groceries. And those groceries will stay fresher for longer, because, with all-around cooling thanks to Samsung’s Digital Inverter Compressor technology, multiple vents throughout the interior keep food evenly cooled and fresh. And you’ll be able to see everything clearly, with bright LED lights that beautifully illuminate the interior of your refrigerator. What’s more, its high-capacity icemaker saves shelf space for your frozen items because of its minimal in-door design.