A strategic partnership to develop “Masar Front” between Kaden and Masar Destination

The signing ceremony of the partnership to develop “Masar Front” between Kaden and Masar Destination

MECCA, Saudi Arabia: Umm Al-Qura Development and Construction Company, the developer of Masar Destination has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Kaden Investment Company in the Holy city of Makkah. The agreement aims to develop and execute the Masar Front.

The announcement came during the signing ceremony, attended by executive leaders of the Royal Commission for the Holy City of Makkah and the Holy Sites. The agreement -signed by the CEO of Umm Al-Qura Company for Development and Construction, Mr. Yasser Abuateek and the CEO of Kaden Investment Company, Eng. Abdullah Al-Fassam- comes after a long-standing success of Kaden Investment Company in Riyadh Front project. Kaden provided international standards and an exceptional experience of advanced integrated services for visitors of Riyadh Front. Work will commence on “Masar Front” along the 3.6-kilometer Masar Destination, so that its visitors can indulge in various experiences over the entire area of the pedestrian walkway, which is more than 158,000 square meters.

Kaden’s CEO, Eng. Abdullah Al-Fassam, expressed their honor in this partnership with Masar Destination, as it offers transcendent experiences to its visitors. He also referred to their pronounced success in developing and executing the Riyadh Front project. On the other hand, the CEO of Umm Al-Qura Development and Construction Company, Mr. Yasser Abuateek expressed his joy on this occasion and said, “Today we are collaborating to launch the Masar Front to create a renewed, a distinct cultural and an entertainment project that meets the requirements of the residents and visitors of Makkah city”. He also pointed out to the economic prosperity that will be reflected on the residents of Makkah city in terms of creating job opportunities and empowering local businesses in the area.

Masar Front has been designed with great care to enrich the experience of its visitors and enhance the quality of life for the residents of Makkah city as well. It provides people with a variety of services, including shopping, entertainment, and restaurants, which are distributed over commercial spaces with a state-of-art design.