ABCC celebrates 71 years of excellence in reinforcing Arab-Brazilian bilateral ties


The Arab Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (ABCC) celebrated its 71st anniversary, marking decades of unparalleled dedication to foster economic, social, and cultural ties between Brazil and the Arab world. The Chamber, established in 1952 and standing as a testament to the visionary spirit of Arab immigrants and their descendants, continues to play a pivotal role in fostering robust trade and business cooperation between the two cultures.

Over the past seven decades, ABCC has emerged as a cornerstone of Brazil-Arab trade relations, promoting understanding and partnership through various initiatives. From the early stages when bilateral trade was nascent, the organization embarked on a mission to bring Arabs and Brazilians closer together through commerce, and today, it remains at the forefront of facilitating economic exchange and fostering enduring relationships.

Being a significant actor in Brazil-Arab trade, it has continuously demonstrated its commitment to fostering partnership and understanding by organising exhibitions, hosting business delegations, planning B2B events and taking part in international conferences. The Chamber has also been crucial in maximising the prospects brought about by Brazil and the Arab world’s strategic alliance.

Osmar Chohfi, President of ABCC, said: “We at ABCC have achieved a number of milestones in the last few years as a result of our relentless efforts to broaden our scope. One key decision was to embrace digitization and implement innovative strategies to enhance trade efficiency and cost reduction. A prime example of this is the introduction of Ellos, a cutting-edge blockchain-based platform that has revolutionized trade procedures’ digitization. Additionally, we have also been working to transform several other conventional practices, such as eliminating paper-based transactions. The initiative was launched in Jordan, with plans to expand to Egypt and other Arab countries subsequently. By leveraging latest technological innovations, we seek to promote trade and foster collaborations.” 

“To enhance the advancement of our operations, we have established offices in the UAE and Egypt, with plans to inaugurate another one in Saudi Arabia soon. We believe that Brazil and the Arab world will continue to be excellent partners, and the relationships have remained strong even in the face of challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to maintain the stability and resiliency of this relationship, we are prepared to tackle any unprecedented incidents in the political-strategic or economic-trade spheres,” he added. 

ABCC has significantly improved global food security while opening opportunities for more trade and investment by utilising Brazil’s agricultural power and the Arab states’ competence in fertiliser production. This collaborative approach is a testament to the power of strategic alliances. Following this plan, the Arab countries have made significant investments in Brazil’s booming beef production sector, highlighting the opportunity for successful partnerships. Additionally, the Chamber has actively contributed to relief efforts for natural disasters, accepting Arab donations for Brazilian social programs and providing support in return during emergencies. These actions of cooperation have further strengthened ties between Brazil and the Arab world.

ABCC has also established the Halal Brazil project with the goal of promoting Brazilian food enterprises as reliable suppliers to Muslim nations. The initiative, which was launched in collaboration with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (ApexBrasil), has supported Brazilian food companies in meeting the specific requirements and standards of halal manufacturing. 

Furthermore, the Chamber has established the ABCC Lab, an innovation hub aimed at promoting cooperation between the Brazilian and Arab startup ecosystems. The program aims to give Brazilian businesses opportunities to broaden their reach and access the lucrative markets of the Middle East and North Africa. It represents ABCC’s commitment to acknowledging the enormous potential of startups in fostering economic growth. The Chamber’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurship solidifies its role as an engine of development and innovation.

Apart from developing strong bilateral ties for business transactions, the Chamber had played a significant role in contributing to cultural and social development. It has been instrumental in bridging the gap between Brazil and Arab nations, in accordance with its objective of developing cultural interchange and encouraging immigration relations. Keeping in line with its commitment to assist global efforts to preserve the environment as well as the change objectives of societies that control the modern world, the Chamber has incorporated sustainability goals into its actions. 

ABCC continues to be persistent in its objective to broaden and strengthen the relationship between Brazil and the Arab world in a variety of fields as it marks its 71st anniversary. With its participation in international events, such as the UN Climate Change Conference, the Chamber highlights its steadfast commitment to social responsibility and environmental sustainability. Through its activities, the Chamber serves as a catalyst for innovation, advancement and resilient partnerships to determine the path of bilateral trade and promote prosperity in both regions.