Abu Dhabi Farmers’ Services Centre announces the launch of the 2016 edition internal excellence awards


hassad excellence award 2016 logoFor the second consecutive year, Abu Dhabi Farmers’ Services Centre will reward top performing individuals and departments in their annual Hassad Excellence Award. The 2016 edition of the award includes three main categories of corporate excellence including excellence in management, excellence awards for both work teams & projects, and the distinguished employee category. Results of the awards will be announced at the end of this year or at the beginning of 2017.

“Our institution deeply believes that the individual employee is its measure of success and the basis upon which it can rely on to become a distinguished institution. The award aims at motivating both departments and individuals through monitoring their achievements and innovations on the institutional level and honouring them. The award paves the way to the Abu Dhabi Government Excellence Award, which was launched by our wise government to promote excellence and build qualified institutions that are based on excellence and innovation to achieve the Abu Dhabi Government’s Vision,” said Nasser Al Junaibi, Acting Chief Executive Officer, ADFSC.

“The Hassad Excellence Award is an effective way to pursue success, appreciate and motivate distinguished performance, and encourage constructive competition between efficiencies, which leads to sustaining improvements and building a distinguished institution that supports a culture of excellence,” added Mr. Al Junaibi.

Abu Dhabi Farmers’ Services Centre is keen on adopting and launching such awards, which are aimed at motivating the organizations departments and internal operations in order to promote the requirements of internal excellence through the introduction of 13 new awards in addition to the 17 awards introduced last year.

“Five awards will highlight internal efficiency at the department level and seven secondary awards will focus on internal management with the aim of enhancing performance. Two motivational awards will be given to the best Extension Centre and the best sorting and packaging warehouse and two further awards will be given to innovators working within ADFSC,” said Dhafer Al Qasemi, Acting Director of ADFSC Planning & Development.

“We anticipate that these awards will shed light on the high level of internal services offered by the Centre and to those who benefit from them. The awards focus on promoting distinguished services and initiatives, in addition to encouraging innovation and creativity that would lead us to excellence on the institutional level,” added Al Qasemi.