Abu Dhabi Launches ‘Delivery Riders Hub’ Initiative to Elevate Working Environment and Boost City’s Image


The Department of Municipalities and Transport has announced today the introduction of a new pilot project called “Delivery Riders Hub” that will be initially implemented in the capital city of Abu Dhabi in September 2023.

The initiative is developed in collaboration with government entities, private sector, and non-profit organisations, as part of the department’s efforts to enhance the public appearance of the city, improve the quality of life in the Abu Dhabi Emirate, and promote the Emirate’s status as a preferred global destination for living, working, and investing. 

The new project aims to provide a suitablDMTe work environment for delivery bike drivers by allocating safe spaces with shaded waiting areas, comfortable seating equipped with air conditioning, and drinking water facilities. These provisions will help ease the hot atmosphere during the summer weather.

H.E. Hamad Al Mutawa, Executive Director of the Planning and Infrastructure Sector at the  Department of Municipalities and Transport, stated: “The pilot project reflects the department’s commitment to enhancing the public appearance of Abu Dhabi city and improving the quality of life and well-being of the Emirate’s community. It aims to provide a suitable and motivating working environment for delivery drivers by providing safe spaces, shaded waiting areas with comfortable seating, air conditioning, and drinking water facilities. By investing in improving the working conditions of bike drivers, we contribute to enhancing Abu Dhabi’s position as a smart and inclusive city for all.  

The initiative came following a number of interviews that were conducted with delivery drivers to understand the main issues and challenges they face during their work. The project will be implemented on street (E25) because it is one of the hotspots that are accessible for restaurants and cafes. The new hubs accommodate 10-15 individuals and were designed to be easily produced and assembled. 

The project offers several benefits for the delivery motorcyclists. It ensures the safety of the drivers by providing parking spaces for motorcyclists and resolves the issue of bicycles occupying pedestrian paths, thus preventing them from receiving traffic fines. Additionally, it addresses the problem of delays in food delivery. Moreover, these hubs can be utilized to generate revenues by using them as advertising and promotional locations. 

The Department of Municipalities and Transport was established by Law No. 30 of 2019, and its main priorities are to realize the vision of the leadership which draws on the vision of the UAE’s Founding Father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan to embrace progress by placing great value on the importance of pursuing development in line with both the needs of present and future generations and the community in general.

The authority embodies the values of good governance, driven by the needs of the community it serves and working with a passion to accomplish its aims. The Department focuses on finding the most effective means of providing essential, modern, responsive and comprehensive municipal services across three regional municipalities, and supports Abu Dhabi’s global position as a leader in innovation-led urban planning and transportation, as part of the Abu Dhabi government’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards to the benefit of all citizens and residents of the emirate.  

The DMT is responsible for continually investing in the development of better infrastructure, facilities and transportation sectors within the emirate, guiding, regulating and monitoring urban development to enhance Abu Dhabi’s reputation as a world-class destination to live, work and visit. 

The DMT also ensures the highest standards of safety, security, sustainability and technological development of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi’s land, air and maritime transport networks, in accordance with the highest international standards and the UAE’s legislation with the objective of being the region’s connection to the world.

The department’s aspirations are driven by the simple proposition of innovating and building sustainable smart cities, fostering a capacity to change and adapt in order to maintain excellence in services and sustaining prosperity for future generations, allowing the entire Abu Dhabi community to reach their full potential.