Accelerate your Style with Sahara Centre


Sahara Centre shoppers can win a BMW 4 and fashion vouchers worth AED 250,000 between 17th December 2020 – 11th February 2021

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates: Offering customers the opportunity to ring in the new year in style and receive attractive returns on their shopping, Sahara Centre, Sharjah’s leading retail, dining, entertainment and leisure destination, has announced the launch of their “Accelerate your Style” campaign during their Spring Promotion. Live from 17th December 2020 until 11th February 2021, customers can win two BMW 4 Series, a sporty vehicle combined with breath-taking features, and fashion vouchers worth AED 250,000 on a minimum spent of AED 200.

Winners will be selected through two digital draws, the first of which will be held at 7 PM on 14th January 2021, to announce the first lucky BMW 4 Series winner and the 10 winners that will receive fashion vouchers worth AED 10,000 each. The second draw will be held on 11th February 2021 for the second BMW 4 Series winner and reward 15 winners with fashion vouchers worth AED 10,000 each. The digital draws will be held live, in the presence of the Sharjah Economic Development Department representative.

For female shoppers who spend AED 200 between 10 AM and 1 PM, the number of coupons to enter the draw will be doubled, thereby increasing their chance to win. Diners at Sahara Centre will also receive two coupons if they spend a minimum of AED 200 at any dining outlet located at the Restaurant Area, 2nd level, East Atrium.

To be eligible for the digital draw, the customers need to present their invoice/s showcasing a minimum spend of AED 200, and register their details at the customer service desk. Sahara Centre is committed to happiness of its customers and regularly conducts rewarding campaigns to enrich the shopping experiences of its customers. 

About Sahara Centre:

Sahara Centre is strategically located on the Dubai-Sharjah Highway and first opened its doors to customers in February 2002. The mall is home to an eclectic range of retail outlets with key anchor stores, including renowned brands, such as Adventureland, Babyshop, Debenhams, Emax, Fitness First, Novo Cinemas, Home Centre,  Marina Home, Matalan, Spinneys, Toys ‘R’ Us, Zara. Sahara Centre is open from 10am to 11pm on weekdays, 10am until 12 midnight on Thursdays and Saturdays, and 10am to 12pm and 1pm until 12 midnight on Fridays.