Acentrik debuts in United Arab Emirates: Pioneering the future of data exchanges in another continent


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates- Mercedes-Benz, Singapore – announcing the exclusive debut of Acentrik ( at GITEX Global 2023 ( Acentrik, a strategic product of Mercedes-Benz, is their first-in-market data exchange platform that redefines the way enterprises and government institutions unlock the vast potential of data. Currently, the award-winning technology provider has entered markets in the EU and APAC region with phenomenal traction and recognition, evident in their three awards accredited this year. Now, ready for the UAE market, Acentrik is thrilled to revolutionize and value-add to the region’s data landscape.

Acentrik matters in our data-driven world:

In an era where data has become the foundation of decision-making, be it in enterprises or government institutions, the imminent need for a secure and compliant tool to build one’s data ecosystem has never been more critical. Acentrik, developed by Mercedes-Benz, is the result of years of dedicated research and innovation in revolutionizing data exchanges.

Acentrik offers the solution to data challenges like data in silos and privacy concerns while achieving cross-border data exchanges. Acentrik stood out as a strategic product that offers multiple possibilities for greater business to government collaboration, internal data transfers and even avenues for data monetization.

The standout feature of Acentrik is its pioneering Compute-to-Data approach, coupled with edge computing capabilities. This innovative feature allows privacy-preserving compute jobs to be performed in a trusted environment. By bringing algorithms to the data instead of transferring the raw data, Acentrik provides an unparalleled level of data privacy and security.

Boundless possibilities for UAE with Acentrik:

“It’s a new future for data sharing and ecosystems. Access to data will be a necessity to drive organizations’ data-driven decisions and contribute to data strategies.” Jochen Kaiser, Head of Data Ecosystems, Mercedes-Benz Group AG

Be one of the users of Acentrik in UAE.