ADCB Private and Wealth Management An Evolving and Innovative Private Banking Proposition in the UAE


Abu Dhabi: ADCB Private and Wealth Management has grown rapidly into one of the largest private banking businesses in the UAE in the context of the country’s development into a global business, investment and lifestyle destination.  

ADCB Private Banking operates a significant business in terms of assets and liabilities, providing clients with a full suite of global investment solutions, wealth management advisory, tailored lending and a wide range of banking services.   

The Bank has been witnessing a transformation in its private banking activities, with accelerated interest from Private Clients. Its success is founded on its ability to offer all the benefits and personalised advice of a specialist private bank while also being able to exceed clients’ expectations with broader banking services from the ADCB Group, all managed through one point of contact. It is an offering that is difficult to replicate for international and regional banks, which may be able to only offer a selection of these services.

Unique breadth of services and one point of contact for all banking requirements:

ADCB Private provides clients with holistic advice on managing their wealth and a breadth of solutions delivered seamlessly. This ranges from access to global investments – both in public and private markets – to asset-backed financing as well as wealth and succession planning. Clients are typically high-net-worth individuals with substantial investible assets looking for solutions to manage their full banking and investment needs effectively, tailored to their exact personal profile and wealth. Advice ranges from wealth preservation, succession planning and bespoke structuring of assets, to complex financing and access to trading and investment opportunities that are not widely available in the market.

The key differentiator for ADCB Private is the client’s dedicated Private Banker. This experienced individual acts as a direct “go to” on all of a client’s banking requirements, ensuring ownership from start to completion, through a seamless and timely delivery. The highly skilled Private Banker develops a deep understanding of clients – their life goals, personal and family circumstances, business interests, financial objectives and risk tolerance.

This holistic approach lies at the heart of trusted relationships between clients and ADCB, which benefits from high investment-grade credit ratings and the highest ESG ratings among regional banks. A recent survey of ADCB Private clients shows high levels of satisfaction, demonstrating strong positivity and a willingness for clients to recommend its services. 

Enhancing digital and investment opportunities:

ADCB Private continues to invest in innovation and technology to enhance client experience, while introducing easily accessible services, via new platforms that will allow clients make swift, informed decisions related to their portfolios based on real-time data.

New investment options are also being introduced as ADCB Private brings new thematic capital allocation strategies to clients. The Bank is currently enhancing the range of alternative investment options provided, particularly in private equity, private debt and real estate. The objective is to ensure that clients gain access to a wide range of opportunities, particularly in assets with interesting characteristics – for example, displaying low correlation to public markets and relatively low volatility.  

ADCB Private is also developing an ESG investment framework to provide ESG-related products and services. There is a growing demand for sustainable investments globally, and this region is no exception, particularly given the strong policy commitment from the UAE to achieve net zero by 2050. 

A strong business environment:

A home-grown UAE financial services industry has been developing at pace over the last decade, and ADCB Private is a prime example of the sophisticated offering now available to clients. The business is based in Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), which has developed into a vibrant business and financial services ecosystem with a strong and respected regulatory and legal framework.

The UAE’s programme to create one of the world’s most business-friendly environments is encouraging entrepreneurship within the country and attracting an increasing number of international businesses at a time of increasing global economic uncertainty. It is backed by significant government investment in soft and hard infrastructure, combined with socio-economic policy measures to promote the UAE as an investment, business and lifestyle destination. The economy is well supported by a strong, well-capitalised banking system that benefits from significant liquidity, with deposits stable and continuing to grow. 

The UAE is therefore one of the world’s most exciting economic and wealth-creation stories in the world at the moment, and ADCB Private is well placed to address the evolving needs of high net worth individuals within this dynamic and fast-changing landscape.