Add prestige to your office space with Natuzzi Editions


Sofas and armchairs to reflect your standards

It is often said that first impressions are everything. That is why we dress up for an interview, shake hands firmly when first meeting someone, and get our hair fixed before we go on a first date. That said, a corporate space needs to maintain that same mantra and that is usually reflected in the décor and furniture that people are greeted by upon entering.

Natuzzi Editions, furniture designed for comfort and style yet with a more practical approach, is definitely the right fit for any corporate office that wants the space to speak for itself. With handcrafted armchairs and sofas perfect for reflecting a corporate vibe with a stylistic edge, Natuzzi Editions is the perfect choice to dress your office space up and let it make the perfect first impression on clientele and perspective employees alike.

About Western Furniture:

Founded in 1992 in Dubai, Western Furniture LLC is a well-established leading retailer of medium to high quality furniture in the region and is a member of the Arenco Group of Companies. Western Furniture offers a large selection of bedroom sets, living room furniture, dining room sets, occasional tables, sofa sets, entertainment centres, and decorative accessories. It showcases Italian brands like Natuzzi, Tomasella, Zanette, Calligaris, Miniforms, Gamma, Tonin Casa, Natuzzi Editions, Bonaldo and Reflex. Spanish brands such as Schuller and Dupen and German brand Draenert are also showcased at the Western Furniture Stores in Karama and Sheikh Zayed Road. Western Furniture is the dealer of Natuzzi Italia, the premium brand of the Natuzzi Group with a mono-brand store located on Sheikh Zayed Road, its largest showroom in the world offering stylish and highly sought after furniture and home furnishing.