AED 10 million from Dubai Islamic Bank for registered Zakat receipts


The Community Development Authority (CDA) said that it received ten million dirhams from Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) to the benefit of the most vulnerable groups of those entitled to zakat registered with the Authority.

H. E. Ahmed Julfar, Director General of CDA, highlighted that contributions by leading entities such as DIB play important role in meeting the social needs of the eligible members of the community. He said that optimizing the use of Zakat funds help meet these needs which is based on careful assessment of their situation and how their condition can be improved to lead a decent life. 

“The Community Development Authority through the Social Solidarity Fund provides a reliable platform for businesses and entrepreneurs to contribute to supporting community groups and promoting social inclusion by supporting clearly defined programs and services designed for the most vulnerable segments of society,” Julfar noted.

He further emphasized that CDA is the only government body in Dubai mandated to address the social concerns of the emirate and identify individuals and families’ specific needs. It provides assurance to shareholders and donors how the funds are used and allocated and who are the beneficiaries of their support. 

Saeed Ahmed Al Tayer, CEO Planning and Social Development Sector at CDA and Chairman of the Social Solidarity Fund, said: “CDA conducts careful assessment of the specific cases of eligible groups that can benefit from the funds to ensure that they are disbursed properly to the beneficiaries. We encourage all institutions and businesses to follow the example of Dubai Islamic Bank and work with the authority in providing sustainable resources aimed at supporting social services.”

This contribution in the CDA’s Social Solidary Fund is the third for DIB. The bank has contributed with 10 million in 2020 and AED 15 million in 2018, which were allocated to uplift the social needs of eligible groups registered with the authority.

Al Tayer shared that DIB’s last year’s contributions had provided benefits to thousands of individuals and families, with its funds disbursed to about 4,100 Emiratis in Dubai who are registered with the CDA. These include people of determination with various types of disabilities as well as beneficiaries who receive periodic support from CDA such as senior citizens and those who are living in nursing homes; children of families living in villages, families of inmates in correctional institutions, reformed individuals, members of the Awnak center and inmates of the Awnak program.

Dubai Islamic Bank said: “For the third time, we are partnering with the Community Development Authority to provide a share of the Zakat amounts to the most vulnerable members of the community through the Social Solidarity Fund. We commend the authority’s effort to ensure that these support funds reach the right beneficiaries that need the utmost financial assistance.”

The Social Solidarity Fund of the Community Development Authority aims to develop the spirit of social solidarity and strengthen cooperation among members of society. It fills the gap for certain members of society to meet their social and personal needs through the support funds. CDA is working with various institutions in the government, private sector and civil society sectors to engage them in supporting the fund’s programs and initiatives aimed at achieving Dubai’s social development goals and ensure their sustainability.