AERONEST: A French patented innovation for face masks will be exhibited at GITEX Dubai 2021


A ventilation kit to allow natural breathing in a face mask

  • A French innovative ventilation device to be attached to face masks
  • Allows natural and effortless breathing  without affecting masks’ filtration efficiency 
  • Easily adjustable with 3 ventilation speeds to allow renewable air flow for up to 12 hours
  • Can be worn with all mask types 

Dubai, UAE: NewPadMaker – TazTag, a French company with more than 15 years of experience in technological innovation, will be introducing at GITEX Technology Week (17th-21st Oct) its latest innovative tool to meet the demands of the modern world in which wearing a mask has become the new “norm”. The daily wearing of face masks to protect ourselves and the people around us, particularly in situations where we are forced to wear them for longer hours, brings with it some challenges and struggles which need to be addressed. To this end, the NewPadMaker team has developed Aeronest, which is a ventilation device to be attached to the mask. 

Aeronest is a patented French innovation that can be safely and effortlessly attached to a face mask with a magnetic holding system that doesn’t interfere with the structure or the filtration efficiency. Once the device’s integrated fan is safely installed  between the mask and the face, Aeronest will draw fresh air in from the outside. Thanks to Aeronest’s convenient design, it can fit on any type of masks (N95, FFP2, surgical, fabric), while its 3 ventilation speeds – which can be easily adjusted with one click without the need to remove it – allow the air flow to be renewed for 8-12 hours.

By pulling fresh air into the mask, Aeronest reduces the temperature, humidity and CO2 inside the mask, which in turn helps eliminates the causes of fatigue, skin pimples, and steam on glasses. And by attaching the ear-loops to the strap behind the head, Aeronest can additionally ease the mask’s pressure on the ears and erase the pain. 

Suitable for everyone, Aeronest can be conveniently used on a daily basis at work, while shopping, on flights and public transport, in schools and universities, in hospitals, in cinemas and theaters.

“We are extremely pleased and proud to introduce our unique product that exemplifies technology in service of human health and wellbeing. Aeronest is innovation at its best, developed to help us breathe easy while keeping protected from contracting and spreading the Covid-19 virus”, said Eric Fouchard, President of NewPadMaker. 

Commenting on the company’s participation at Gitex Future Stars 2021 in Dubai, Mr Fouchard added, “Gitex Dubai is a major global technology event, which is key to showcasing our innovative product to the world. It will also give us the opportunity to meet with local and international potential partners and distributers in order to make Aeronest available to all worldwide.”
Following its Gitex participation and as part of the company’s efforts to showcase its innovative device in major tech events around the world, Aeronest will be also exhibited at the Concours Lepine Paris, 21st October – 1st November 2021