After the fourth week; Social media sites pass on the equestrian club races news


12Riyadh: With the attendance of more than five thousand people, and with breathtaking twenty rounds, and with the two cups of the Ministry of Education and the Emirate of Najran, the Equestrian Club completed its activities sports and entertainment in the current season for the year 1438 AH, at King Abdul Aziz Square in Janadriya, with the slogen (our races are back in familial atmosphere), which the social media sites spread its news on last Thursday and Friday.

On Friday the horse named (Jameh) which belongs to Prince Faisal bin Khalid bin Abdul Aziz won the first run of the 23th race, and (Akho Al-Moltahem) which belongs to the sons of Prince Mohammed bin Saud Al Kabeer won the second run, and (Maaine) which belongs to the sons of Mohammed Abu dreeb Al- Subaie won the third run, (princess Nora)which belongs to Prince Abdul Aziz bin Mosaed bin Saud won the fourth run in the contest, (Bint Hawajes) which belongs to Prince Faisal bin Khalid bin Abdul Aziz won the fifth game, and in the sixth run (Altahtouh) which belongs to Saad Ali bin Badn won the first rank, while (Magd Muwaffaq)  which belongs to Mohammed Abdul Rahim Al-Mirghalani won the seventh run, while (Khalfan) which belongs to Hammad Nahis Al-Mutairi won the eighth run, the gift and the contribution of the Equestrian Club were for each of the (Shams Al-Riyadh) and (Shibl Nahla) which belong to the sons of Mohammed bin Ayesh Al-Tayear.

Entertainment activities accompanied these runs, which Mr. Mohammad Al-Bakri, CEO of Memco International, the exclusive marketer and provider of the  Equestrian Club Racing – in cooperation with Al-Maha group – talked about it saying: “after the success of Equestrian Club racing in the last three weeks, we have found that it is our duty to keep on the same line to satisfy the public of all ages, by following the diversification in children’s activities on one hand, the opening of more restaurants on the other hand, and the continual of the prizes distribution on a third hand, as well as providing all the comfortable atmosphere while attending the horse racing”.

Al-Bakri continues: “we have noticed the attentive observation this week for these events by many celebrities and influencers people in the social media channels, twitter or instgram, and even snab chat, which indicates the high level of awareness of the importance of equestrian sport, and opening up more prospects for Sports tourism in Saudi Arabia, and this is what we seek to achieve in the first place”.

On Saturday, the headline for the 24th race was the winning of (Kaflah) which belongs to the sons of King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, in the Emirate of Najran Cup, the winning of (Topaz) which belongs to the sons of King Abdullah also in the Cup of the Ministry of Education in the category (the student), and the winning of (Bagda) which belongs to Turki Rasheed Sulaiman in the eighth runs of the private competition of the Ministry of Education Cup in the category (the teacher).

It is noteworthy that the racing of Equestrian Club is held under the sponsorship of SABIC, Al Marai and Al Rabei, and which gains media support by Al-Jazirah newspaper, and digital marketing by Eye of Riyadh, and broadcasted alive on Saudi television, since it began in the mid of October until the beginning of April.