Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry Launches Career Development and Training Programme


Ajman: Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry has launched the Career Development and Training Programme to educate its executive-level staff about employees’ rights and obligations, as well as the workplace protocols.

The one-week programme is part of the Chamber’s efforts to provide continuous training and development opportunities for its employees and implement programmes that support the development of individual and institutional performance.

The training programme offers five specialized training courses, the first of which is titled ‘Employee’s Rights and Responsibilities’ and aims to familiarize employees with their obligations and introduce them to the Labour Law and the provisions therein that clearly outline their rights. Moreover, it aims to educate them about the code of conduct at work, the annual leave system, promotions, working hours, and the pension plan.

The second training course –  ‘Etiquette and Protocol at Work’ – explores the concepts of protocol and etiquette at work, covering communication skills and instructions on how to approach VIPs. Meanwhile, the third course is titled ‘Time and Self-Management: Controlling Work-Related Stress’ and highlights the concept and strategies of time management.

The fourth training course aims to train employees to master communication skills and enhance their ability to communicate with various cultures, use effective listening techniques, resolve conflict with others, deal with criticism, and share opinions in a constructive manner.

The fifth and final course covers the ‘Keys to Creativity and Innovation at Work’, enhancing employees’ loyalty at work and empowering them to perform tasks efficiently, earn trust and respect from others, learn effective methods to transform creative ideas into innovative practices, and explore management planning and its impact on institutional performance.

Khawla Khalfan, Executive Director of the Support Services Sector at Ajman Chamber, emphasised the Chamber’s commitment to providing an integrated system of training and development programmes for employees, allowing them to develop their job skills in accordance with the highest standards. The objective is ultimately to ensure advanced levels of performance and ensure individual and institutional excellence.