Ajman Tourism launches time capsule to celebrate UAE’s 45th National Day


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ajman-time-capsuleAjman, UAE: The Ajman Tourism Development Department (ATDD) announced a number of unique events to celebrate the 45th National Day of the United Arab Emirates, to be highlighted by a time capsule that will tour a number of important places and dignitaries across the emirate.

Starting from November 24, the time capsule was showcased to the audience to receive their entries at the Safiya Park Walk and then moved to the city of Masfout on November 25 and back to the Flag Park from November 27 to December 2. It will be transferred to the Ajman Museum on December 3 to be placed underground for a five year and will be opened in 2021 to coincide with the golden jubilee celebration of the UAE Federation.

The time capsule will be an important reservoir for the aspirations of the leadership of the UAE and the community and will include a variety of audio recordings, visual and written messages about the aspirations and visions of the UAE in the next five years. When it gets opened, it will reveal what have been shared and accomplished for the last five years, including tools and posts that reflect aspects of social and technological life that reflect the times they are living, in order to compare it with the prevailing age tools in the coming period and see the evolution during that time.

HE Faisal Al Nuaimi, General Manager of ATDD said: “The time capsule reflects the social life of the life nature of the moment to showcase after years, and it is a chance to look further at the future and monitor the development and modernization movement, and thus a chance to deliver it to the people after a period to compare the difference sides in life.” He added: “The leadership has been used in the UAE to monitor and measure the progress and extent of achievement in the country, therefore, this will show the attention of our rulers and our elders to reflect the experience of what has been accomplished to extrapolate the future and stimulate community achievement and development.”

Nuaimi stressed: “Successful nations are those that monitor their career and is closely following the movement of change and development in the community, and that’s what we do here in the UAE.”

Nuaimi also thanked the organizations and companies that provided sponsorship to support the activities of the 45th National Day such as the Ajman Modern School (gold sponsor), and Charity Ajman Authority Inc. and Fly Ajman (silver sponsors), in addition to Vision Ajman and Pixel House for Art Production as media partners.

Saud Abdul Aziz Al Jasmi, Head of Time Capsule Events Section said: “We have brought the idea of time capsule out of a desire to provide an opportunity for all members of the community in the emirate to participate and be part of the historical legacy of the emirate. The more time the holdings are buried, the more traditional and historical values are. The capsule and its holdings after five years from now will showcase the vision of every ambitious person who contributed to it, and explain that this idea made him think of the place he is going to be after five years.” Al Jasmi explained that he will also participate and write his own letter and put it in the capsule, by expressing his perspective of what has been achieved and foreseen in the Emirate of Ajman and the UAE, pointing out that the capsule is a brilliant idea to restore beyond what we were living at the moment, so we measure the extent of the developments, differences and achievements after the next five years, if God wills.

He added: “We are working hard to achieve the vision and strategic objectives of Ajman, and this requires following up all the steps of the development and studying what has been accomplished, and discuss it to work accordingly on improving the performance and tools in the future, and to reach the main goal, that is the happiness and well-being of our society.”

To highlight, the private effective hash tag was chosen to reflect the content and the idea of time capsule #See_you_in_5_years

Those who wish to participate can send videos or share pictures with the account of the Tourism Development Department on instagram (AjmanTDD) or come in person to the event sites at the Safiya Park and Corniche Ajman.

Along with the time capsule activity, other events during the National Day celebration include the roaming carnival trucks with participation from a large number of popular bands and teams, Emirati tribes presenting various performances and folk dances that reflect the legacy of the state in addition to the DJ national songs competition with prize of AED 10,000 for the winner.

About Ajman Tourism Development Department:

Ajman Tourism Development Department (ATDD) was established by His Highness Sheikh Humaid Bin Rashed Al-Nuaimi, Member of the Supreme Council and Ruler of Ajman.

ATDD aims to highlight the importance of tourist attractions available in the Emirate of Ajman, and lay down strategic plans for tourism promotion, locally, regionally and internationally, via holding/participating in conferences, exhibitions, and international promotion campaigns. ATDD also works on organizing and developing the tourism industry in the Emirate of Ajman, improving the potentials and services of tourism facilities with the aim of increasing national income.

ATDD is also responsible for preparing legislations, rules and regulations needed to organize and develop the tourism sector in the Emirate in cooperation with competent authorities. It also supervises tourist attractions in the Emirate, and makes sure that the facilities provided go in line with world standards with aim of luring tourists from around the world.

Classification of hotel establishments and facilities and supervising their tourist-oriented services, licensing and classification of tourism and travel agencies and supervising their performance also come high on the agenda of ATDD.