Akaas Visual Arts organises ‘Ibn Al-Haytham Photography exhibition’


Under the patronage of Dubai Culture

·         In commemoration of World Photography Day.

·         A set of creative talents from the UAE and the world.

·         In Celebration of talents, transferring experiences between generations and enriching the artistic movement in the emirate.

Dubai, UAE: Under the patronage of Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture), Akaas Visual Arts is organising the ‘Ibn al-Haytham Photography exhibition’ at its headquarters in Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, house 17. The exhibition was inaugurated on the evening of Thursday, 19 August as part of the activities of World Photography Day.

The exhibition was inaugurated by Dr. Saeed Mubarak Kharbash , CEO of the Arts and Letters Sector at Dubai Culture, in the presence of a number of artists. The organisation of the Ibn al-Haytham exhibition comes within the August Visual Arts Programme organised by Dubai Culture in cooperation with Akaas Visual Arts. The name of the exhibition celebrates the Arab Muslim scholar, Al-Hassan Ibn Al-Haytham, a pioneer of optics and one of the first scientists to have laid the foundations of photography.

The exhibition constitutes a new and qualitative addition to amateur and professional art and photography enthusiasts in the UAE and the region. It will feature a large number of selected images taken by a group of Emirati and resident photographers of all ages and of differing photography styles.

The exhibition aims to celebrate these photographers and provide an opportunity for talents to express their talents, transfer experiences between generations, and enrich the artistic and cultural movement in the emirate. This will contribute to strengthening Dubai’s position as an incubator for talent, and achieving the objectives of the Dubai Creative Economy Strategy.

The exhibition will run for 10 days, from 19 – 29 August, 11 a.m. – 7 p.m., and will showcase a group of photographic works aimed at highlighting the achievements made in the field of photography, while also providing an opportunity to exchange experiences and techniques in this field.

The exhibition comprises 47 photographs and brings together a distinguished group of professional photographers and promising talents, including a group of illustrious names in the world of photography, namely Jassem Al Awadhi, Nasser Haji, Saleh Al Najjar, and Khalil Ahli, as well as a group of Emirati creative talents, including Mohammed Al Marzooqi, Yousif Al Harmoodi, Mohammed Shabib, Mohammed Al Balushi, Mohammed Al Dhahiri, Faisal Al Rais, Ahmad Al Khazraji, and Maryam Al Shamsi, in addition to Ahmed Al Dosari from the KSA, Nawafal Jiriees from the USA, Fadi Abu Laban from Jordan, Spencer Hogg from the UK, Mahsa  Namvar from Iran, and Sania Yousaf from Pakistan.