Al Ain Water celebrates UAE’s inspiring achievements with a unique collection of limited edition bottles

Al Ain Water Limited Edition Bottles
Al Ain Water Limited Edition Bottles

Abu Dhabi, UAE: Al Ain Water –the leading bottled water brand in the United Arab Emirates and a key product in Agthia’s consumer product portfolio – has launched a unique collection of limited edition frosted glass bottles to celebrate the inspiring achievements of the UAE and pay tribute to the nation.

Each 750 ml bottle of Al Ain still water has a beautiful frosted visual appeal and is enveloped with a textured gold foil label with five such bottles in a luxurious box. Each individual bottle is decorated with a hand-decorated, calligraphic Arabic letter in gold foil which when all five bottles are displayed side by side spell out the word “Al Ain”.

Mr. Fasahat Beg, Agthia’s Executive Vice President – Water, Beverages and Dairy businesses, said: “These limited edition bottles of Al Ain Water reflect our pride in the UAE and the tremendous strides the nation has taken in terms of growth and development. We are also proud of the contribution we have made as a brand to the nation. As the leading bottled water brand, Al Ain Water has also enjoyed great success and has been an innovator in the water category. These limited edition bottles reflect the shared commitment to excellence and achievement that have come to define the nation and our brand.”

Only a total of 5000 boxes of these limited edition bottles have been produced. Apart from being a symbolic celebration of the UAE’s many accomplishments, the collection has also been conceptualized as an exquisite gift to mark special occasions.

About Al Ain Food & Beverages (PJSC):

Founded in 1990 Al Ain Food & Beverages (AAFB), is one of the largest food and beverage companies in the region, and produces several leading brands across a wide range of product categories. The company employs over 1400 people across five locations in the U.A.E, Egypt and Turkey.

Al Ain Food & Beverages (PJSC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi based food and beverage company, Agthia Group (PJSC), which is a listed company on the Abu Dhabi Securities Market (ADX).