Al Farran Investment Introduces Black Sheep Coffee to the Middle East: A Coffee Revolution Begins


Get ready for a sip of pure joy as Al Farran Investment introduces Black Sheep Coffee to the Middle East. This exciting partnership marks the beginning of a new era in coffee culture, as Black Sheep Coffee’s unrivaled expertise and innovative offerings make their way to the region.

Black Sheep Coffee’s journey from a single shop in Camden, London to becoming a major player in the coffee industry is nothing short of remarkable. What sets them apart is their bold decision to exclusively use 100% specialty robusta beans, making them the only coffee chain in the global market to do so. This choice not only ensures a distinct and robust flavor but also showcases their dedication to offering something truly unique. With a presence in France and The Philippines, Black Sheep Coffee continues to expand as they open their first shop in Dallas, USA, in July 2023.

But Black Sheep Coffee is more than just coffee. Their diverse menu caters to a variety of tastes and preferences. From delectable vegan-friendly smoothie bowls and shakes to freshly made Norwegian waffles and mouthwatering bagels and toasties, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Not only does Black Sheep Coffee excel in flavor, but they also prioritize sustainability and social responsibility. Their commitment to eco-friendly practices can be seen in their 100% recyclable takeaway cups, use of upcycled furniture and materials, and the upcycling of used coffee grounds into organic face scrubs. They believe in giving back to society, as demonstrated by their Free Coffee Board Initiative in The UK, where customers can help those in need enjoy a hot drink of their choice.

With an eye on the future, Black Sheep Coffee and Al Farran aim to establish their presence in other GCC countries within a four-year period. Get ready, Middle East, because the irresistible aroma and exceptional flavors of Black Sheep Coffee are coming your way.