DUBAI – UAE: Al Islami Foods, a visionary in the food industry, is thrilled to introduce two innovative products created to meet the demands of busy households and individuals, redefining the way food is savoured. 

The company is introducing two more irresistible products in its exclusive Fully Cooked range: the all-new – Non-Spicy Zing Chicken Nuggets and Tempura Chicken Nuggets. Al Islami takes convenience and taste to new heights, providing the exciting option of ‘heat and eat,’ especially for kids. Both items feature fully cooked meat, so busy households can effortlessly breeze through meal preparations. There will be no need to break a sweat, as the chicken requires no cooking. However, those seeking a delightful twist can fry the nuggets to perfection.

The new products were created with a fusion of spices that bring on an exciting new tanginess to traditional chicken nuggets. A blend of high-quality chicken and aromatic herbs, these nuggets offer a mild and tantalising taste that is perfect for children and adults alike. In addition to the flavor profile, with Al Islami’s commitment to using Real Halal meat that is 100% natural, hand slaughtered and non-stunned, people can take comfort in knowing that these tempting snacks offer a healthy and wholesome choice for their loved ones.

 “We understand the challenges faced by busy moms who strive to strike the perfect balance between convenience, taste, and nutrition. As a part of Al Islami, we envision ourselves to lead these changes in the global food industry, delivering nutritious premium real halal quality combined with the good taste and convenience.” stated Zubair Ahmad, marketing and international sales director of Al Islami Foods.

Both the Non-Spicy Zing Chicken Nuggets and Tempura Chicken Nuggets will now be available at local supermarkets; however, one can enjoy a 10% Discount with free delivery for all orders made on the Al Islami online store. Al Islami remains committed to providing innovative and convenient solutions that offer sustainable value to families.