Al Zahra Hospital Dubai Transforms Surgical Care & Pioneers CMR’s Surgical Versius Robotic System for the First Time in the Mena Region

  • Al Zahra Hospital Dubai is the first hospital in the UAE to introduce The CMR Versius Robotic Surgical System
  • The Versius Robotic Surgical System is specifically designed to elevate surgical solutions for patients, surgeons, and surgical teams alike.
Sheikh Dr. Faisal Al Qassimi, Chairman of Al Zahra Hospital Dubai.  and David Mezher, General Manager at Robotics Surgical Systems

Dubai: “Robotic surgical solutions” is a recent medical innovation that has become popular over the last decade. Robot-assisted surgical procedures have quickly expanded due to the increasing opportunities for minimally invasive surgery across surgical domains. As the market is diversifying, novel surgical modalities with new technologies are providing hospitals with elevated effectiveness and efficiency in patient outcomes, surgical precision, time efficiency and decreased medical costs. Aligned with International forward thinking medical providers, Al Zahra Hospital Dubai, is aiming to transform surgical care in the whole MENA region by introducing the CMR’s next generation Versius Robotic Surgical System.

Cambridge-based medical device company CMR Surgical also known as Europe’s MedTech powerhouse has debuted their Versius Robotic Solution as an advanced version of conventional Robotic Systems, with their medical technologies being widely used across Germany, France and Australia. Versius was designed with ergonomics in mind to help reduce stress and fatigue for surgeons while enhancing patient outcomes and improving recovery times. Laparoscopic procedures are associated with a wide range of patient benefits; however, many are highly complex and when performed manually, without the assistance of robotics possibly compromising quality and clinical outcomes. In addition, Versius has instinctive instruments, vision controls, and an open console design allowing surgeons to sit upright or stand, keeping them comfortable for longer each day, with all the benefits of Robotics, unlike other robotic solutions.

“As a forward-thinking healthcare provider and the first private hospital in the UAE, Al Zahra Hospital did not set out to replicate just another Robotic Program. We set out to transform surgeries for millions of people by adopting the latest new generation Surgical Robotic Systems. Our promise to patients and doctors alike is to continuously strive for medical innovation with higher surgical and medical outcomes. We are proud to pioneer this technology in the region I would like to thank his Royal Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, Minister of Defense, and ruler of the Emirate of Dubai, for his vision and continuous support of the medical sector turning Dubai into a regional healthcare hub built on encouraging the spirit of innovation and quality in every aspect of the industry. 

Sheikh Dr. Faisal Al Qassimi, Chairman of Al Zahra Hospital Dubai. 

It has been globally claimed that conventional Laparoscopic surgery can be challenging, both physically and mentally. For every 4 surgeons, 3 have claimed that they experience back pain which has an effect on the quality and clinical outcomes. This is a valuable differentiating factor for Versius Robotic Solutions. 

“We at Robotic Surgical Systems in association with CMR Surgical and our Partners Al Zahra Hospital Dubai share a common belief of value-based medicine that enables hospitals to provide their patients with more accessible less invasive treatment. For the providers we are offering unique and flexible robotic designs, particularly user friendly and highly adaptable to different procedure while offering surgeons comfort, precision and confidence”-  David Mezher, General Manager at Robotics Surgical Systems.

The United Arab Emirates has been a leader in early adoption of cutting edge MedTech innovation with a strong focus on digitalization and Artificial intelligence. With strong international and government funding in the sector the use of AI in healthcare has been reported to add a $22 billion slice to the UAE economy by 2035.

Boiler Plate – Al Zahra Hospital Dubai:

Al Zahra Hospital Dubai – is a leading healthcare provider in the UAE and a milestone in the country’s healthcare sector, with the brand braking ground in 1975, as the first private healthcare provider. The hospital is located in Dubai, on Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Barsha, catering to local and international patients through over 250 Doctors and more than 40 medical specialties. Accredited by the Joint Commission International, the hospital holds various distinguished centers excellence, including a JCI accredited Breast Cancer Center, a JCI accredited Heart Attack Center, an accredited Rotator Cuff and ACL Center. 

Dedicated to delivering world class healthcare, the hospital is a leader in implementing technological advancements and medical practices, housing the region’s first advanced 3Teasla MRI & the first private Hyperbaric Oxygenation Chamber. In 2016, Al Zahra Hospital Dubai was the first hospital to introduce water birthing to Dubai. In 2021 AL Zahra Hospital Dubai was the first Hospital in the Mena region to introduce the Versius Robotic Surgical Solutions. 

Some of the most sought-after services at Al Zahra Hospital Dubai include- Cardiology, Oncology, Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, Spine Surgery, Joint Replacement, Interventional Medicine, Maternity, Pediatrics, General Surgery, Internal Medicine & more. 

Boiler Plate – CMR Surgical:

CMR Surgical is a British medical device company, founded with a vision to transform surgery by developing a next generation robotic system which would be both versatile and affordable and bring the benefits of minimal access surgery to millions of people each year who do not currently receive it. CMR has successfully developed an innovative technology in robotics surgery and owns the intellectual property, including patents, design, trademark and know-how called the Versius Surgical System (“Licensed Technology”); Versius Robotic System is supposed to complement and extend what surgeons can do, helping to improve outcomes for patients. Compared to manual laparoscopy, the unique modular fully articulated wrists, direct hand to instrument mapping, and integrated stable 3D HD visualization on Versius Robot provides incredible precision, control, dexterity and superb depth perception. This gives the surgeons the means to perform surgical steps with greater accuracy and ease.