All-new Hyundai Accent is Ready for Middle-East Arrival

  • Fifth generation of Hyundai’s popular small sedan to be launched late March
  • All-new model features bold new design, enhanced driving dynamics
  • New technology brings advanced safety and convenience features

The New-generation Hyundai Accent will make its official Africa and Middle East debut at a launch in Bahrain on Monday, 26 March, ready to set new standards for design, quality, and technology in the small-car market across the region.

First revealed in Korea last year, the fifth generation of the Hyundai Accent features a bold new design and a sophisticated interior. Technical and engineering improvements include a more efficient powertrain and enhanced driving dynamics, as well as the latest safety technologies and convenience features.

“The Accent is a defining product for Hyundai, with a hard-earned reputation for delivering both quality and value,” said Hyundai’s Head of Operations for Africa and the Middle East, Mike Song. “This All-new model continues that tradition, while also demonstrating Hyundai’s commitment to innovation. It is a stronger, safer, and more technically advanced car, in a package that will be enjoyable to drive and economical to own.”

The New-generation Hyundai Accent is slightly longer and wider than the previous model, with increased interior space. Two four-cylinder petrol engine options are being offered in the region, including a 1.4-liter delivering 100ps (metric horsepower), and a 1.6-liter delivering 123ps. Both are advanced designs, with multi-point fuel injection, matched to a choice of six-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission.

The well-appointed interior offers a quiet, comfortable space, with controls located for easy, intuitive operation, while all materials have been selected for durability as well being pleasing to look at and touch.

Driver and passengers are protected by six airbags. Alongside automatic stability control (ESC), other safety features include static bending headlights to provide better illumination of the road through corners, auto cruise control that is designed for convenience and improved fuel economy, and emergency stop signal which automatically flashes the brake lights when the driver brakes heavily.

“Hyundai believes in democratizing new technology, and bringing important innovations into core, mass-market products as quickly as possible,” said Mike Song. “Particularly in terms of safety features, the All-new Accent is showing the way forward in adopting new technology within its market, and moves Hyundai even further ahead as an industry leader.”

The All-new Hyundai Accent will arrive in showrooms during the second quarter of 2018.

Hyundai Motor Company:

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