Alshawamikh Oil Services SAOC Installs the Best Explosion Proof Camera System From SharpEagle


Preventing explosive accidents and damages is now in better hands with the new explosion-proof camera system; a solution that Alshawamikh Oil Services SAOC installed from the SharpEagle recently. This product ensures that the people working in flammable zones are kept safe from forthcoming explosive situations. It also offers the best safety to the machines kept in such areas. This product can help in creating a safe working environment where explosive elements are released daily, causing fatal explosions.

Alshawamikh takes pride in being an established SLCC (Super Local Community Contractor). Their main focus is on the QHSE culture change taking place in the company. Their dedication to offering the best is visible in their work efficiency. They always want to provide excellent service to their clients and shareholders. Creating more employment opportunities for the youth is also one of their ulterior motives. They have been doing a brilliant job for the past few years and aim to continue doing so in the future. And for the successful accomplishment of their venture, there could not be a better solution than the Best Explosion Proof Camera from SharpEagle.

Factories, where people deal with heavy metals and chemicals, are at a high risk of explosion. The explosive environment is created by elements like dust, gases, vapours, and a high oxygen level in the air. All of these substances together can cause drastic explosive situations in the presence of an ignition source. This system has been engineered with an explosion-proof camera system that can keep an eye on areas prone to explosions and provide warning beforehand in case of any mishap.

Their ex-proof camera system has been installed in places where dangerous equipment and chemicals are kept at Alshawamikh’s workplace. Also, the CCTV has been installed in places where the employees are working at a higher risk of facing explosions. As most explosive accidents occur due to the careless handling of chemicals or machines, this camera system will help the team keep an eye on the workplace 24X7. 

This explosion-proof camera meets all the requirements of the best ex-proof camera system. The models by SharpEagle are made of stainless steel and aluminium mixed with non-sparking material for best security and do not allow combustible substances to get into the system. Furthermore, to make sure that the camera system can sustain explosive situations, our devices are supported by brackets that can take up to 5X the weight of the CCTV device. The welded bracket will keep the camera system in place even when everything gets blown up during an explosion. 

The chief spokesperson of SharpEagle has recently stated that,

“The welding bracket around our camera is made with strong wiring material. The bracket is connected to an electricity box after passing through a flame-proof pipe. This ensures that our products can be easily installed and maintained in the future.”

The next thing to keep in mind while manufacturing the camera system is the position of the device. SharpEagle has used a closed-loop positioning system to ensure that the CCTV device covers all the angles needed without any deviation, and this has given Alshawamikh an entirely safe ecosystem. Besides deviation in angle, the vapours or the flames in the environment can blur the lens and give rise to accidents. To avoid that, the best quality tempered glass plus a wiper on each lens for timely cleaning of the lens are used. The tempered glass used in the cameras can take up to 10,000 pounds per inch of pressure, making it one of the toughest glasses for explosive areas.

Lastly, all the explosion-proof camera systems have heaters installed within them. The heater helps to clear any moisture or condensation caused on the lens screen by the extreme temperatures. Alshawamikh can internally control the temperature of the heater to get rid of any moisture collecting over the lens.

The installation of this explosion-proof camera system will help Alshawamikh ensure their workers’ complete security. Explosion-related accidents are increasing each year, and hence, it is becoming a must to implement safety measures in the workplace. Therefore, SharpEagle has implemented the best innovative features in our product. Team SharpEagle has also assisted Alshawamikh with the installation process and handled all the queries related to the product. With this innovative ex-proof CCTV system, SharpEagle has offered Alshawamikhis the best safeguard for all workplaces on its premises.