‘Amasy’ by Dur Hospitality carves out its delightful Ramadan Iftar offers for the second consecutive year.



On the advent of the holy month of Ramadan and after the Kindom of Saudi Arabia’s announcement of reducing the preventive precautionary measures that were taken at the onset of the Coved 19 pandemic, several hotels and restaurants embraced the transition back toward normalcy, delivering a curated and compelling atmosphere for families. 

Through the Amasy brand, Dur Hospitality, the leading Saudi hospitality company, presents one of the most distinguished Ramadan tents for the holy month. Under the theme of “Family, Friends, and Ramadan Memories”, the iconic Amasy brand will be available in five of Dur’s luxury hotels across three cities, exuding culinary Ramadan sophistication for an exclusive Iftar and Suhoor experience pulsating with a charming atmosphere.

Seeking to present the unique Amasy Ramadan culture according to the highest standards across all designated locations, whether in the capital Riyadh, Tabuk, or Jubail, everyone is invited to spend quality time with their family or friends during this holy holiday month. Customers can easily book their Iftar and Suhoor tables at the hotel of their choice via www.amasy.me .

This year, Ramadan 1443 AH carries a strong sense of togetherness, especially after the concerned authorities have reduced the precautionary measures. Dur Hospitality seizes this opportunity to promote authentic Saudi hospitality inspired by genuine Arab and Islamic values wrapped in a heartwarming family atmosphere full of exceptional elegance and comfort.


At Riyadh Airport Marriott Hotel, “Amasy ” is sprinkled with Moroccan design, giving guests a unique experience, one that is filled with calm, elegance, and fun. During their stay in Riyadh, families and friends will enjoy every moment in a place embedded with a distinctive Ramadan touch where various daily buffets are offered during Iftar and Suhoor. Guests will grab the opportunity to watch live cooking stations in the open air next to the pool and watch several events and recreational activities, in addition to countless television programs displayed on a giant screen.

Similarly, the “Amasy ” in the lobby of Lounge 10:10 at the Marriott Riyadh Diplomatic Quarter seeks to offer guests a unique experience of having the Suhoor meal in the open air next to the swimming pool and in front of a giant screen that showcases the most popular Ramadan TV shows while providing exquisite dishes for the Suhoor meal prepared by a world-class chef.

Offering much more than a great meal, “Amasy ” at Holiday Inn & Suites Jubail in Jubail Industrial City provides families and friends with a feeling of delight as they enjoy the Amasy atmosphere surrounded by the charm of Ramadan and the wide range of Western and Oriental cuisines that offer savory sweets, in addition to foods and drinks that cater to all tastes. Exclusively this year, the tent will be set up in the hotel’s backyard and will provide buffets and live cooking stations for the Iftar and Suhoor meals and unique recipes for children to make everyone feel joyful during the holy month.

Meanwhile, guests of the “Amasy Tent” at Holiday Inn & Suites Tabuk will enjoy listening to beautiful stories from the past narrated by storytellers who will take them on a trip back through time. Inspired by authentic Saudi hospitality and the Tabuk region and history, guests will have a distinctive Ramadan experience in the open air next to the pool in the main restaurant and the main lobby, enjoying a wide variety of delicious dishes offered during Iftar and Suhoor. 

Guests of “Amasy” at Crowne Plaza Riyadh Palace will have the opportunity to enjoy the same authentic atmosphere from Iftar to Suhoor during the holy month. The vibrant experience of various daily buffets and live cooking stations will offer delicacies that grace the table with unique dishes and flavors of global cuisines.